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Mayenne is a town in France named after the Mayenne River which flows directly through the town. It is attacked by the Americans during World War II during the events of Call of Duty 3.

History Edit

The American 90th Infantry Division attacked the Mayenne from the outer town, but soon after going through a large building, the American troops headed towards the docks and got on small rowboats until they crossed the Mayenne River. Then the Americans went through the town and went to the bridges to defuse the bombs planted on them. While they were defusing the bombs, Sgt. Frank McCullin gets hit by German fire and is mortally wounded.

The battle is during the Liberation of Paris after D-Day, during what was known as 'The Normandy Breakout'.


The map follows closely to that of the single player campaign varient, with a few changes.  The map is no larger than some of the others, however it's tightly inclosed halls make the combat feel more rushed.  The Axis and Allied camps sit outisde the building at either side.  The Axis is based in a large garden (Which goes far back into a dead end, which when playing the single player this area would be home to the entrance to Mayenne itself.  The Allied base sits outside the main entrance and across the large bridge, in a building.  

Is often a misconception that this entire map is close combat thus rulling out longer ranged weapons.  However an easy balance between rapid fire weapons for the corridors, and long range snipers for the outside and long range corridor shots are a must.  It all comes down to what the player prefers. 

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