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It is a large map set in a 12th century castle in France. It is a very popular map to play war on, because of its number of positions and the sheer size. Due to its complex indoor fighting and lack of open space, players favored submachine guns as it would be unwise to use snipers on this map. Lobbies with few players and Capture The Flag lobbies proved very difficult, for time spent finding others.


One side of the map contains an open graveyard, which is usually the spawn point for the Allied team. On the opposite side, there are a number of two story buildings arranged in a "U" fashion, which is usually the spawn point for the Axis team. Both sides have different entry points, and are cluttered with rubble.

The layout of Mayenne is known for it's corriders and varying pathways, in addition to being mostly indoor fighting. In the graveyard there are two exits, the main exit leads into a small wine cellar that leads up to a big hallway next to the patio. The side exit is a shorter, smaller hallway which leads directly into the big hallway next to the patio. On the opposite side, there is a stone bridge (around the two story buildings), which players can get under along with two exits. The main exit is from the bridge into the castle (most likely the front entrance of the castle) leading into the options of either a long hallway straight to the patio or a turn left, directly to the foyer. The side exit is an underground route, leading directly up into the foyer.

The "middle" or "center" of the map is a mix of the foyer and patio. The patio is quite infamous for it's difficulty to cross due to many second floor areas where enemies can shoot down at you from. There are too many ways to list simply how to get to the patio, but there is a secondary entrance to the wine cellar, along with 1st and 2nd routes to the foyer. The foyer itself is quite similar to the patio, but indoors. There is an underground tunnel entrance here.


  • Shooting at the wine barrels here will sometimes make wine come out.

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