The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

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Mayhem was a multiplayer game mode that appeared in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare from February 17th, 2017 to February 24th, 2017[1][2]. It is a derivative of Team Deathmatch, with a major change - Scorestreak progression persists through death, similar to the Warfighter trait, Persistence. Since then it appears every now and then alternating between other variant gamemodes.

One strategy while playing this mode is to use the Hardline perk combined with a Jackpot weapon variant while using the Warfighter's Combat Focus payload in order to maximize the points earned towards scorestreaks to earn high tier rewards, such as T.H.O.R., R-C8, and AP-3X, much faster.

It is advised to have an anti-scorestreak class ready in case enemy support becomes overwhelming. An LMG with Flak or FMJ, a Spartan SA-3, Blind Eye, Dexterity, and Hardwired perks, and Counter-UAV Nova, whose EMP effects will destroy all enemy scorestreaks and equipment, is essential in taking out enemy support whether solo or with another teammate.



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