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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Warrant Officer Maynard "Griff" Griffin was an arms specialist stationed abroad the Retribution.


Born in Tennessee, USA, his father had abandoned him and his mother when he was younger. Griff eventually forgave him when he became an adult and hoped to find him. He had to use his birth certificate in order to convince the human resources department that they were related from which he was able to find his father's address. Unfortunately, Griff died on Mars and was never able to meet his father. In the 6th Grade, Griff grew a crush on his teacher, Ms. Trillscott. Griff intentionally got a C minus on the report by purposely using pencil, so he could have time with Ms. Trillscott in detention.

Griffin enlisted in the SATO Navy, but was pulled from front line duty, after losing his right arm in a minor skirmish against the SDF. He later became a warrant officer and supervised the arming of crew members aboard the Retribution. Griffin was present for a brief weapons inspection on the Retribution by the Bureau of Firearms.


During the battle of Mars, he was killed in the fight against multiple C8 and C6 tactical drones. He and a handful of the Retribution's crew and Marines volunteered to stay behind to buy the remaining forces time which allowed them to destroy the orbital shipyard.

Final message[]

"Sir, I'm not quite sure how a son greets his father after not seeing him for a lifetime. Guess I'll say, "Hi, dad." I finally tracked down your address through the human resource department in Washington. I had to use my birth certificate to prove we were related. I want you to know I followed in your footsteps. I joined the Navy. Thought it would make you proud and if we ever saw each other we'd have more to talk about. I went to sniper school to be a sharpshooter, but my vision changed and I became an instructor. I'm currently deployed aboard the UNSA carrier Retribution. My mom, Sandy, passed away this year. I went back to the old house just before shipping out and found a box with your silver star for Valor. My mom kept it all this time. I wish I'd known you still lived in Tennessee. I would have dropped by. We could've had a beer and caught up. I forgive you for leaving. I hope you're not mad at me for writing. Thanks for helping bring me into this world. I did my best to be a good man. Maynard Griffin."
— Last message addressed to his father