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Maynard Griffin
Maynard Griffin IW
Alias(es) Griff
Appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
Rank Warrant Officer
Affiliations Retribution
Nationality American
Status K.I.A.
Killed By SDF Robots
Death May 8th, Mars
Sex Male
Marks Cybernetic right arm
Hair Black
Race Caucasian
Relatives Sandy Griffin (Mother; deceased)
Timeline Infinite Warfare Timeline
Actor Robert Baker

Warrant Officer Maynard "Griff" Griffin is a arms specialist stationed abroad the Retribution. His father had abandoned him and his mother when he was younger, he eventually forgave him when he became an adult and hoped to find him, he had to use his birth certificate in order to convince the intelligence community that he was related to him. He never made it off Mars and so never met his father.

During the battle of Mars, he was killed in the fight against multiple C8 and C6 tactical drones after voluntarily staying behind to buy the remaining forces time.
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