McCandlish CoD2
Pvt. McCandlish March 24th, 1945.
Appears in Call of Duty 2
Rank Private
Affiliations 2nd Ranger Battalion, Dog Company
Status K.I.A.
Death March 24th, 1945 (killed on the beach in Wallender, Germany)
Weapon M1A1 Carbine, Thompson

Private McCandlish was seen in all of the American missions in Call of Duty 2.


He fought alongside the player during the Normandy campaign. He assisted the player in securing the town of Bergstein. He joined the player in charging up Hill 400 but was wounded on the way up and is seen with the wounded in the communications bunker during the defense against the counterattack. During the battle in Wallender, Germany he was killed during the beach landing. He used an M1A1 Carbine and a Thompson.


  • Although McCandlish was killed on the beach in Wallender, Germany, he later appears later in the game standing with Col. Blake, Sgt. Randall, and Cpl. Taylor.