Private McCandlish was an American soldier seen in all of the American missions in Call of Duty 2.


He fought alongside the player during the Normandy campaign. He assisted the player in securing the town of Bergstein. He joined the player in charging up Hill 400 but was wounded on the way up and is seen with the wounded in the communications bunker during the defense against the counterattack. During the battle on the beach of Wallender, Germany, he was cut down by a German machine gunner.


  • The primary firearm that McCandlish uses varies every time the player replays the level.
  • McCandlish was actually killed on the beach in Wallender, Germany; and, as Sgt. Randall, and Cpl. Taylor with Col. Blake, McCandlish re-appeared at the end of the level, but it is, however, a developmental error.


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