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For other characters, see McCord.

Private McCord is an Army radio operator/rifleman seen in Call of Duty 2: Big Red One.


McCord fought on Gela Beach, arriving at the bridge during mission along with Pvt. Snyder to engage the Italians nearby along with mixed Ranger battalion. He is part of Roland Roger's 3rd squad in the level "Piano Lupo". His mission during Piano Lupo is to provide link from Sgt. Hawkins' squad to a stationary U.S. Army 105mm Howitzer Battery located near U.S. petrol dump. He successfully destroyed a trapped Italian convoy near the ruins with the help of his artillery strikes. He proceeded along the way and participated in defense against Goering's 9th Panzer Corps. The job to contact USN fleet was handled by P.O. Mangin, so he has no more role anymore and only acts as Sgt. Hawkins' rear guard with Pvt. Bloomfield. He was last seen helping wounded Sgt. Hawkins to walk along with Denley.

Trivia Edit

  • An odd thing to notice is that McCord has a radio yet the squad relies on Mangin for radio support. Mangin is responsible for Naval gunfire from USS Boise while McCord's responsible for fire support from a M101 105mm Howitzer Battery.
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