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"Este lugar não é seguro! (This place isn't safe!)."
— Meat warning civilians in the favela.

"Meat" was the codename of a character in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty Online and a member of Task Force 141.


Attempt to capture Rojas

He was seen in the level "Takedown", chasing Rojas's assistant through the streets with Captain "Soap" MacTavish, Sergeant Gary "Roach" Sanderson, Ghost, and Royce. Later, Meat went with Roach and Royce to the favelas to hunt down Rojas. Royce ordered Meat to clear the area of civilians, only to alert the local militia. Meat, Royce and Roach then fought through the Favela. Meat was eventually overwhelmed and killed.



  • Meat's appearance can be Canadian wearing complete olive green clothing (as Canadian Task Force soldiers are the only ones with olive green t-shirts) and a low visibility Canadian flag on the back of his vest, or Indigenous Australian with the same appearance as the driver at the start of the level.
  • His model can change after taking down Rojas's assistant.
  • He is shown to be multilingual, as he is able to warn the civilians in Portuguese, the native tongue of Brazil. He starts by saying "Este lugar não é seguro" meaning "This place isn't safe".
  • At the picture at the end of the credits, he can be seen on the bottom right.
  • Meat is mentioned in Soap's Journal. Oddly, Soap claims that it was Rojas's assistants' shooting spree that killed Meat, when in fact it was the driver who died due to the spree, and Meat dies later in the favela. Soap also mentions that Meat's serial number is "KL8102".
  • If Meat survives the entire onslaught with all enemies of the Favela gang killed in the first phase, when he reaches a certain point passed the neighbourhood, and is approached by Roach within a certain radius, he will still die even with no enemies around, meaning he was never scripted to live throughout the first phase. This also applies with Royce.
  • Meat seems to have plot armour for a short time during the first phase when enemies are alerted by his warning, and begin firing at the team. Shooting him at this point will cause a game over with friendly fire. His plot armour is quickly removed as the player progresses.
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