For a similar class in Extinction, see Medic (Extinction).

Medic is a multiplayer weapon class that appears in Call of Duty 3.


This class has the unique ability to revive fallen comrades. If the Medic approaches a fallen ally, the Medic can use the class ability to revive and ready them for battle. After the Medic has used the revive ability, the Medic must wait until the Special Ability meter on the right side of the screen fills before the Medic can use it again.


Allies Edit

The trench gun used by Medics is extremely lethal at close range, but largely useless at any range other than close quarters. For more distant enemies, the player may need to switch to his sidearm or swap for a dropped weapon. The shotgun is pump-action, so the amount of time between shots may be an extreme disadvantage at times. Trench guns can be very useful in close quarters such as the bunkers of Verdun or the bridge and buildings in Eder Dam. Players can revive members of their own team who have been killed, which adds to their score, but does not increase the team's score in Team Deathmatch.

Axis Edit

The only difference between Axis and Allied Medics is the fact that the Axis use the Walther P38.

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