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Merville is a multiplayer map in Call of Duty 3.


Merville consists of city streets with all sorts of combat, with close quarters combat taking place within the various pits and buildings, medium range along the streets and long range combat from building to building. It was one the maps to introduce tanks, and was popular when playing on Headquarters.  All classes are of use in this map.


Being almost entirely outdoors, Merville is littered with many destroyed stone walls and structures, though fairly open and simple. On one side of the map there is a line of buildings and a large ditch with very little cover, accompanied by a singular tank and some wooden bridges. On the other side, is a large garden area with an open space outside of it (for the tank's driving space).

In the middle is a large area divided into three sections. The first is a series of trenches in front of the tank's spawning point, with many paths leading into and up to the small road next to it. The second is the small road, which can lead to almost any section of the map directly with lots of cover, including underground routes to the area below the main street and trenches. Finally is the main road which stretches from where the tank spawns, following along the ditch, going around the small road and into the garden area.



  • On PS2, there will be nothing outside the gardens. On Xbox, there will be two axis vehicles players cannot ride.
  • The loading screen will display the words Abbaye du Deuil. This translates from French into "Mourning Abbey".
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