"You were sent here to work and that's what you'll do!"
— Metz responding to Zussman in German

SS-Hauptsturmführer Metz was a Stalag labor camp director during World War II and an officer within the Nazi Party. He was an extremely brutal and merciless man, beating and executing his prisoners for non-compliance, or for simply being Jewish. He is the main antagonist of Call of Duty: WWII.

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"I'm looking for workers, separate the Jews"
— Metz talking to a Wehrmacht soldier.

He abused American POWs and forced them into hard labor, especially Jewish-Americans. When Robert Zussman is captured in December 1944, he is taken to a German Labor camp and is interrogated by Metz on which Prisoners are Jewish. When Zussman refuses to comply, he is beaten and put on a train to a Labor camp. On April 4th, 1945, after the 1st Infantry Division has been searching for Zussman for Months, they find the camp he is being held at and witness the gross atrocities that Metz and his men have committed against the Jewish Prisoners.

When Pierson finds a trail leading out of the camp, they realize the Nazis led the prisoners on a death march, leading Daniels and Pierson to head deep into the forest to find Zussman. Metz soon begins executing prisoners, the gunshots alerting Daniels to his position. Daniels finds Metz throwing Zussman to the ground ready to execute him with his Luger, but Daniels shoots and kills him before he can fire his weapon. His body was left behind in the woods.

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  • Metz is based on the real-life commandant of the Berga forced labor camp, Sergeant Erwin Metz.[1]
  • Metz's awards include: Iron Cross Second Class 1914, Wehrmacht Long Service Award for 4 years, Anschluss Commemorative Medal
    • His medals indicate that he is a World War I Veteran and the fact that he owns the Anschluss Medal may indicate that he is of Austrian origin.


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