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"Doktor Straub has lost a number of his Meuchlers... the undead soldiers he created as Assassins. They are... they are the most monstrous of Straub's rotten children. The most intelligent."
Red Riding Hood in Audio File #25

Meuchlers (English: "Assassin") are a zombie type that appear in the Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies map The Darkest Shore. They appear to be a combination of the Wüstling and Bomber zombie types.

Meuchlers have four arms and an extraordinary long tongue, wearing metal headgear like the Wüstling. They have different strategies than other zombie types, which make them able to flank the players and charge them. Meuchlers will normally spawn on fog rounds (excluding the first fog round in the game).



  • The Meuchlers appear to worship Nerthus, as hinted by Red Riding Hood.
    • This is proven further upon opening Nerthus' sacrificial chamber, where three Meuchlers can be seen praying of sorts.

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