Michael Myers (also known as Swamp Slasher) is a movie character from the movie series "Halloween", and is a Field Order reward that appears in the downloadable content pack Onslaught within the map Fog. Once obtained, the player will become "Michael Myers" himself, mask, costume, and everything, where they are then armed with an axe and the Halloween movie theme will play.

In terms of gameplay, Michael has similar stats to the Juggernaut and the Maniac; he has the same amount of health with no health regeneration, however, he runs 10-15% faster. His axe kills faster than the knife as he can recover from attacking faster. He also has no lock-on animation with his axe, so this means that instead of grabbing his enemy and stabbing him/her, he will just "flick" his axe similar to past Call of Duty games.

This reward is essentially the same as the Maniac, but with a few differences; His melee is as fast as the Tactical Knife attachment where just a single swing will kill when it hits, rather than grabbing the enemy before thrusting the knife into their bodies like the Maniac/regular knife melee. However, one note is that there is less lock-on, so the axe can miss more than the Combat Knife, like a Modern Warfare knife melee rather than a Ghosts knife melee. He runs 10-15% faster than the Maniac, and has no Throwing Knife. Victims' "souls" will disperse from the kill; when Michael Myers is killed, his "red soul" will disperse with bats. His vision is completely clear, whereas the Maniac wears a gas mask and edges of their vision is obscured. His health regenerates slightly when killing an enemy, meaning that as he kills, he "harvests" their souls.



  • Upon Myers' death, a nursery-rhyme chant from the films will play to announce it to the players, in addition to the on-screen message "(Player) killed Michael Myers!"
  • In the Halloween movies, he usually uses a butcher knife rather than an axe.
  • If the player chooses to play as female character, as Michael Myers gets damage, he can breathe as female.
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