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"Full-auto submachine gun. Extremely fast fire rate with a brief spin up time."
— Description

The MicroMG 9mm is a submachine gun that was added to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 during Operation Dark Divide on November 5th, 2019[1] first on PlayStation 4 and a week later, November 12th on Xbox One and PC.


The MicroMG 9mm acts similarly to the Death Machine in terms of functionality, where it has to spool up for a moment before it unloads an onslaught of bullets at an incredibly high speed. Because of the sheer fire rate alone, the MicroMG 9mm can be incredibly powerful at close-range combat. However, because of this high fire rate, the MicroMG 9mm has horrendously poor accuracy at mid to longer ranges, making it difficult to use in larger maps and open areas where other class of weapons are well-more suited.






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