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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)
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"I'm hit, I'm hit!
I'm sorry, man, they got me- I'm sorry.
I'll get you inside, buddy!
— Mikey after he is shot

"Mikey" is a character featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Mikey is a member of the United States Marine Corps. Although his last name and rank are randomly generated, therefore unknown, Mikey's existence is confirmed through an in-game event that happens just as Captain Price orders the team to retreat from the wall and hold off the Al-Qatala forces. As this happens, Mikey is wounded and his buddy runs over to save him, and despite his pleas to be left behind, his buddy insists on trying to get him to safety, and they are both killed. As he runs up to the wall to try and fire at the Al-Qatala forces, he is shot several times and falls, wounded, and drops his gun. As he then says that he's hit, another Marine tries to save him as Mikey grabs his M1911 and weakly fires. Despite Price's order for the other Marine to leave Mikey behind, the Marine ignores Price and drags Mikey next to a door before being shot dead. Mikey dies from his wounds shortly after.


  • His appearance is always a Marine with a beard, but will sometimes appear with orange glasses, and occasionally with a white helmet, shades and sleeves.
    • His corpse will have a random appearance.
      • After he dies, his corpse disappears when the player takes the laser designator from the armory.
  • After being wounded, his M4A1 is dropped and can be used by the player.
    • The attachments on his M4A1 are always random.
  • It is impossible to save him, as his death is a completely scripted sequence.
  • He will always have the callsign "Romeo 4-6", which is odd, since the two Marines who assist Garrick and Hadir to eliminate the mortar teams also have the same callsign.
  • His name and rank are always random.
  • Before his death, he has Plot Armor. His plot armor is instantly removed just before he is killed.