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"Comrade Belikov, we are in grave danger from the capitalists. Our collective, our very way of life is at risk."
— Mikhail Gorbachev

Mikhail Gorbachev (Russian: Михаил Горбачев) is a character of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. He is a secretary of the Soviet Central Committee.


Mikhail Gorbachev attended in a conference inside the Lubyanka Building (the KGB headquarters) where he exposed the situation about a mole inside the KGB. The reason of Gorbachev's presence is the Committee wants someone from the First Chief Directorate to oversee Colonel Lev Kravchenko's investigation about the mole. So he chose Imran Zakhaev, a member of the First Chief Directorate, to be the supervisor of Kravchenko's investigation to every other participants in the conference including Colonel Kravchenko and Major Dimitri Belikov.

Gorbachev ordered to increase the security around the Lubyanka Building and asked Imran Zakhaev if he wants to make some recommendations. The latter suggested to restrict bunker access. Gorbachev finally asked Major Belikov about who should retain bunker access during the investigation.

If the player suggests Gorbachev to choose his most trusted man to have bunker key, the latter will pick General Charkov.

If the player suggests Gorbachev to choose Belikov or the generals to have bunker keys, the suggestion will be dismissed by Zakhaev who will make a recommendation to choose General Charkov to be the only one to have bunker key.

After asking Belikov's opinions, Gorbachev exposed to the latter the Soviet Union is in grave danger from the capitalists and their collective, their way of life is at risk. Then, he dismissed Major Belikov from the conference.