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Mimics are a Special class enemy in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War introduced in the Zombies map Firebase Z, and featured in Outbreak. As their name implies, they are shapeshifting creatures capable of disguising themselves as various objects to fool their prey, such as guns, scorestreaks, loot boxes, salvage, and equipment. If close enough they can also grab the player with their tentacles to pull the player closer to them, and will bite them. They also appear in Zombies Onslaught.


From an autopsy performed by Dimitri Kuhlklay alongside additional research, it was deduced that Mimics were once humans who have either expired or have spent a prolonged amount of time within the Dark Aether, mutating due to the exposure of the energies within the alternate dimension. Mimics themselves also produce a blue energetic glow from their maw, similar to Ordas. It is also noted in the autopsy that the tentacles that the Mimics have are capable of independent action from arms and legs, permitting use in a combative fashion whilst on the move.

The Mimic can spawn in two ways, alongside standard Zombies from a window or by spawning in a random area of the map as a dropped item, showing its true form with a blue flash one provoked. Within this mimicry form, they are virtually identical to the object they disguise as. They will stay in this form until a forced out by either a player walking within attacking distance or the disguise being shot, to which they will break the mimicry with the same blue flash. In the Onslaught game mode, Mimics may take the form of a large loot chest and function in the same way. Whilst undisguised Mimics are able to attack in two ways, a claw swipe and a grab attack utilizing the tentacles on the Mimic's back which will reel in the grabbed player to the maw of the Mimic to inflict a bite. Mimic's maw are also their critical hit spot and they are weak to toxic based damage, such as that given by Brain Rot.


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