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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

"Investigate the security threat in London."
— Level description

"Mind the Gap" is the seventh mission of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and the penultimate mission of Act 1 (the last if the player decides to skip "Davis Family Vacation"). The player takes control of Marcus Burns, an SAS Commando in London. It involves an SAS team tracking down Inner Circle's classified chemicals.



At a warehouse in Canary Wharf, a group of terrorists load classified cargo into a fleet of moving vans. Unknown to them, a UAV circles the area, performing surveillance as several SAS teams begin to converge on the scene. Marcus BurnsWallcroft and Griffen jump a fence and sneak into the alleyways behind the warehouse. Along the way, the team catches a few of the terrorists off guard. Marcus is then instructed to kill them without alerting any other hostiles.

After securing the warehouse, all pretense of stealth vanishes and Wallcroft orders the team to engage the terrorists directly. The team exits the warehouse and fights its way to a nearby dock. Vulture Two-Two arrives and assists the player at this point. Once the area is clear Wallcroft orders Burns to open the doors of a van, only to find nothing.

After some more fighting, the surviving terrorists fall back to an underground tube tunnel, where they board and hijack a tube train. Wallcroft, Burns, and Griffen chase after them through the tube on a pair of pickup trucks. Before the train driver can be shot, the SAS commando is shot and killed and the truck crashes into the train, derailing it. The trio dodge the train until their truck flips, killing Griffen.

Some time later, Burns slips in and out of consciousness, seeing the aftermath of the train crash. Wallcroft walks from the flaming wreckage and checks on Burns and finds him in stable condition; the two of them inspect the underground train for survivors. As they reach the Westminster station platform, both come under heavy fire from the surviving terrorists, forcing them to fight their way up to the streets of London just a few feet from the Palace of Westminster itself.

Upon reaching street level and joining up with police and another SAS team, the teams block a road where they open fire on what they think is a terrorist truck containing the chemicals. The truck flips over, but it turns out to be another decoy. Wallcroft tries to get Baseplate on the line in order to find the whereabouts of the other trucks, but gets nothing.

If the player skipped the disturbing content at the beginning of the level, the camera will not cut to Davis Family Vacation, instead the truck will simply explode, killing everyone around it and blowing Burns away.

If the player decided not to skip the disturbing content at the beginning of the level, the camera will then cut to the aforementioned mission, where the Davis family are filming their trip to Big Ben. As the camera rolls, the actual truck containing the chemicals stops, and the two people in the truck, presumably Inner Circle members run away from it. Moments later, the truck explodes, releasing the chemicals and killing the Davis family. The camera is still filming as it happens. Note that this mission has no effect on gameplay and is mainly cinematic.

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17. Enter the building across from the locked door, turn left, and look for the intel on a crate.

18. Before (or after) opening the truck doors, run to the building to the northeast. The player will find stairs leading up to a catwalk. Follow this path until the player can enter the building and check the desk for some intel.

19. As soon as the player gets to the top of the first escalator, look for a newsstand in front of the player. The intel is on the ground behind the counter.


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  • It is possible to kill the restrained terrorists without penalty.
  • The HAT on the UAV in the beginning of the level is at "1,337", a reference to 'leet' talk.
  • The level's name "Mind the Gap" is a reference to an audio message and warning sign in most London Underground Stations that tells passengers to "mind the gap" between the train and the platform edge.
  • This mission has sparked controversy due to apparent similarities to the July 7th London terrorist attacks.[1]
  • When looking at the skyscraper in the top right corner, one will see that is says Kriegler.
  • When Burns opens the doors to the first truck, the left door goes straight through Wallcroft. Also, Wallcroft's line seems a little out of sync - he begins contacting Baseplate before he can even see inside of the truck.
    • However, if the player interacts with the door to the truck as soon as possible, Wallcroft waits the appropriate amount of time to contact Baseplate.
  • The underground maps in the station contain many comedic place names and references such as "Jizz Jazz St.", "What is this St.", and "Kriegler Metropolitan" and "IW Central".
    • There is also a location on the map that is called "Verrückt", a reference to the Zombies map.

The map shown in the underground stations.

  • There is a movie poster with the person from the Call of Duty: Black Ops map Convoy's wanted poster.
  • The TIME magazine that is visible as a poster in the Tube station references not only the battle in New York City, but also labels Price and Soap as INTERPOL's most wanted in the top left corner, and notes that General Shepherd has been laid to rest in Arlington, Virginia. People who pre-ordered the game received a copy of this poster.
  • When the player stops the truck, if they look through the windshield they will notice there isn't and never was a driver.
  • The MP5 the player uses is equipped with a Holographic Sight and a Suppressor, although the in game description says it is only equipped with a Holographic Sight.
  • The player is allowed to kill one civilian in this level, accidentally or not. This also counts when the player gets back to street level at the end of the mission where the player can shoot any civilian in the crowd without penalty.
  • The Jubilee line strip can be seen on the Westminster platforms.
  • When the player gets back to street level at the end of the mission, one policeman can be killed without penalty.
  • If the player exits the game after the train crash, and resumes it later, the loading screen will be Sgt. Burns waking up after the crash, as seen in-game, instead of the mission briefing. Furthermore, after this point, the menu will say there is only one intel instead of two as before, as technically the player is now in Davis Family Vacation.
  • At the very end of the level, it is possible to move most of the cars forward by throwing a grenade in the back of it.
  • The building seen in Canary Wharf with "Blumel Bank" on the side is most likely named after Jeremy Blumel, lead visual effects artist for Modern Warfare 3.
  • Towards the end of the mission, when friendly SAS soldiers are taking the terrorists prisoner, the terrorists can be shot and killed without penalty. The soldiers simply stand up and look on as if nothing happened, even if the prisoners were on the ground being restrained.
  • Right before the player jumps out the window, there is a P90 with multiple attachments found on the table that cannot be picked up.
  • If the player decides to skip Davis Family Vacation, the truck that is intercepted will explode and kill everyone except for Burns and Wallcroft.
  • The steering wheels in the cars in this level are on the left, rather than on the right even though the mission takes place in the U.K, except for the truck used by SAS for chase the train.
  • If the player uses the USP .45 on the truck and only has twelve rounds left, then it will automatically refill for the player but it won't work with the MP5.
  • The level incorrectly names the Underground as the "Subway" at various occasions.
  • The MP5's pickup icon seen on this level seems to have a Red Dot Sight fitted.
  • Even if the Player moves underground and advances to blow up the truck, they still get pushed back.
  • After the train crash, Wallcroft's appearance can change.
  • A customer announcement states that there is a Piccadilly line service to Cockfosters; however, the Piccadilly line does not run through Westminster (but Cockfosters is the terminus of the Piccadilly line).
  • During the chase segment, Wallcroft and Griffen's dialogue suggests that Griffen is driving the truck, but Wallcroft is the one actually driving.
  • All enemies at the start of the mission will carry suppressed P90s. As the SAS team reaches the truck, enemies will use unsuppressed weapons.