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For another variant, see Death Machine.
"This is it! Spin 'em up!"
— Unknown Ranger in Team Player

The Minigun is a machine gun that appears at certain points of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Nintendo DS), Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilized, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Call of Duty OnlineCall of Duty: Strike TeamCall of Duty: Ghosts, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Warzone, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, Call of Duty: Mobile and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III. In many games it is only mounted, but in Black Ops II, Online, Ghosts, Modern Warfare, Warzone, Modern Warfare II and Modern Warfare III it is available as a handheld weapon.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered[]

In Call of Duty 4, the Minigun is used by Soap in "Heat" to provide supporting fire for his retreating SAS allies. The Minigun is attached to a downed helicopter (the same helicopter can be seen in the same position in "Safehouse", however one cannot use it due to a patch of fire blocking entry to the helicopter) just past the church. It can also be found in "F.N.G.", but the player will not be allowed to use it, since it will just be laying in the weapon's cabinet.

The Minigun can really do a lot of damage because of its high firing rate, but it needs to be cooled off or it will overheat. However, keeping it spooled will not overheat the gun. It's also worth noting that the minigun is highly effective against the helicopters in the mission "Heat", it can normally down one in a short burst and will stop the troops getting off and engaging the player later on in the mission. On Arcade Mode, a helicopter kill is worth 1000 points. A quick spray around the helicopter will down them all very quickly.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (DS)[]


The Minigun in Call of Duty 4 (Nintendo DS)

The Minigun is constantly used throughout the helicopter levels in the game, where the player usually needs it to eliminate opposition or take out objectives. Unlike its console counterparts, it cannot overheat and does not need to be spooled up before firing, making it an extremely effective weapon. However, it does lack power and is somewhat inaccurate.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2[]

The Minigun returns in Modern Warfare 2. It is featured far more often than in Call of Duty 4 and also now has a much shorter and more realistic spooling time. It can be seen in the single player mission "Team Player" mounted on a Humvee. It is also seen on various helicopters. The new Sentry Gun, available in the campaign, Special Ops and Multiplayer, also uses the M134. Additionally, in the mission "The Enemy of My Enemy", it is seen mounted to black SUVs used by Shadow Company.

The HMMWV-mounted M134 is far more inaccurate than the other implementations, firing in a wide, but consistent circular spread; the miniguns mounted on helicopters fire with a much tighter spread.

In Multiplayer, the minigun appears in the multiplayer maps Skidrow, Wasteland, Karachi, Rundown, and Overgrown, replacing the M249 SAW as the standard stationary gun due to balancing issues, due to players in Call of Duty 4 constantly going prone, shooting off a burst, then going prone again automatically due to the way the game handles it. Now, players have to expose themselves for the short spool time before being able to shoot, however the minigun has a higher rate of fire to make up for this. It can be devastating at controlling choke points but the gunner is very exposed and will be a target for enemy snipers.

Using the aim function zooms in and spools the gun barrels without firing, eliminating the "warm up" time. The word "GAU 4" can be seen on the top.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilized[]

The minigun reappears in Modern Warfare: Mobilized as a usable support weapon. Like in the previous Nintendo DS game set in the Modern Warfare era, it can only be used in helicopter levels. Unfortunately, the only helicopter level is "Helicopter Insertion", so its use is limited. It is now much more powerful, though not as powerful as on the consoles and PC. Luckily, its accuracy has been increased by a large amount, allowing nearly all of the bullets to focus on the designated target, compensating for its low damage (for a minigun).

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: Force Recon[]

The minigun appears in Force Recon as a support weapon used by the player. Like in NDS installments, it is only used in helicopter based missions.

Call of Duty: Black Ops[]

The Minigun returns in Black Ops, and is used as one of the helicopter's weapons in "Redemption". The minigun is also used in the Chopper Gunner. In addition, it can be used when mobile by use of the Death Machine. The Death Machine is available in the mission Vorkuta.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3[]

The M134 returns in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.


In the end of the mission "Black Tuesday", a M134 is mounted on a UH-60 Blackhawk and was manned by Frost to defend the helicopter from three enemy Mi-24 Hinds. Frost later uses one mounted on Rhino 2 in "Goalpost", after Rhino 2's gunner is killed.


In the multiplayer map Bakaara, there is a mounted minigun on the crashed UH-60 Blackhawk located near the port area. Miniguns are also seen scattered throughout Liberation.

Special Ops[]

The minigun is featured in the mission "Iron Clad" mounted on "Pit Boss". It is used by the player who controls the tank in Co-op.




Call of Duty: Black Ops II[]

"High capacity, multi-barreled Gatling gun with an extremely high rate of fire."
— Description

The Minigun appears in Black Ops II in campaign where it can be unlocked after completing five challenges in "Judgment Day" along with the Death Machine. It is the Black Ops Death Machine model, and works in precisely the same way. Indeed, unlike the new Death Machine in Black Ops II, the player still cannot sprint with the Minigun, nor does it gain a zoom when the aim button is pressed.

During "Achilles' Veil", if the player chooses to have Farid attack Menendez, there will be a brief interlude where Section uses a minigun mounted on a US VTOL; this is the Black Ops Chopper Gunner minigun model without the belt box. The same model of mounted minigun can also be used from a VTOL in the Strike Force mission "Second Chance".

The minigun is an exceptionally powerful weapon, being just as good as it was in the previous Black Ops title. With a high fire rate, huge magazine size of 999 rounds in a belt, incredible damage range, and very easily controlled recoil, it can become an overpowered superweapon in the campaign, potentially ruining all sense of challenge. However, overuse of the weapon can be dangerous, as while the magazine is huge, it can be quickly wasted and will force the player to find more ammo crates to refill, or pick up a regular gun. Along with having a very slow movement speed and no zoom function, it is still best used as a novelty weapon.


Call of Duty Online[]

The Minigun is available in both mounted and portable forms. The mounted one is found in multiplayer as in Modern Warfare 2 in the maps Overgrown and Ambush. The portable version is only available in Infected mode, as well as in Cyborg Evacuation, Death March, and Zombie Survival. The portable Minigun in Cyborg Evacuation can be obtained by killing the Roarer, while the mounted one is used in the evacuation chopper at the end.


Call of Duty: Ghosts[]


The portable version of the minigun is not available in the campaign, but the mounted one is used by Logan on a jeep in the mission Clockwork, and in a UH-60 Blackhawk in the mission Severed Ties.


The minigun is obtainable by way of ammo crate for normal soldiers and it can be picked up and used after that. It is also the primary weapon for the Juggernaut Pointstreak. It does not need to be spooled up before firing, unlike the mounted variant (and the Death Machine from the previous games).

The Minigun is a very high damage, solid-ranged weapon. At any range short of 22 meters, the Minigun will deal fifty damage per bullet, needing two shots to kill. Damage decreases linearly until 38 meters. At any range beyond 38 meters, the Minigun will deal 32 damage per bullet, needing four shots to kill. The Minigun has a three hit kill range of 36 meters, and it is a one shot kill at all ranges in hardcore game types. The Minigun deals 40% more damage on headshots, and oddly, the Minigun will deal an extra 10% more damage on shots which strike centre mass. Regardless, hitting a multiplier area does not affect shots to kill unless armor is involved or the Minigun has already begun to drop off in damage. The Minigun has high penetration power, making it capable of shooting through cover very effectively.

The Minigun's rate of fire is significantly slower compared to the Minigun in previous iterations. The Minigun fires at 750 RPM. This rate of fire is good relative to the damage per shot the Minigun deals, but it is far from impressive. Still, the combination of a fair rate of fire and a two shot kill up to medium range makes the Minigun extremely lethal in short-medium range combat.

The Minigun's accuracy characteristics are odd. There are no iron sights to speak of, and the Minigun is hip-fire only. Like with the Chain SAW, using the aim down sight button will tighten up the hip-fire spread and otherwise behave like the basic aim down sight function. The Minigun's hip-fire accuracy is very good, superior to that of the Chain SAW in virtually every situation. The Minigun's recoil is omni-directional and hard to predict. The Minigun has recoil values of 20 downwards, 50 upwards, and 55 to the left and right. This gives the Minigun a good deal of horizontal recoil to deal with. The Minigun's centerspeed is average, at 1500. Between the average centerspeed and rate of fire values, this iteration of the Minigun is far less accurate than previous incarnations. Not only is the Minigun always imprecise when firing, but recoil is legitimately something the user must try to counteract, unlike many other hip-fire only weapons. The Minigun also has a notable amount of idle sway, and the Minigun sways quicker than most other weapons, but the idle sway is rarely a factor since the Minigun is always using imprecise hip-fire to begin with.

The Minigun's handling characteristics are mixed. The Minigun forces the user to move very slowly, forcing the user to move at a paltry 80% of the base movement speed, and when aiming the Minigun, the user will strafe at a pitiful 32% of the base movement speed. Aiming down the sight takes a very long time to do, taking 400 milliseconds to aim down sight. The Minigun has a perfect sprint out time of 0 milliseconds, meaning that the Minigun will be ready to fire immediately after sprinting, and can even be fired while sprinting. This will allow the user to be much more reactive when on the move and being caught by an enemy while sprinting is made far less punishing. The player can sprint while holding the Minigun, but they cannot go prone nor slide with it equipped, and jumping stops them from sprinting (like with all weapons in previous games), though climbing still allows them to.


The minigun appears in Extinction, in both mounted and portable forms. Some maps also have remote minigun units.

Mounted Minigun[]

Mounted miniguns are inexpensive and provide 450 rounds of ammunition for the user to work with. Mounted miniguns can be mounted either on a tripod or as part of an installation surrounded by sandbags. While these mounted miniguns cannot be upgraded in any way, they still provide a lot of ammunition on the cheap. These mounted miniguns have a limited turning radius and cannot be moved from their position, so users must be sure that the specific mounted minigun they buy will cover a useful position when it is bought, and users must be prepared for flanking cryptids attacking the player.

The mounted miniguns are very useful when a player is using the combination of relics that restricts any weapon buys, picking up ammo, or strike packages, those being Pistols Only, Earn Your Keep, and No Machines. This leaves the user with very few means of actually damaging cryptids beyond just a pistol and a knife, and a mounted minigun provides a level of firepower that these users don't usually have at their disposal, at a price cheaper than the Pistol Beast Ammo.

Like with the Portable Minigun Turret, these mounted miniguns have a glitch which allows them to fire incendiary rounds if the user has Incendiary Ammo or Cryptid Slayer Ammo loaded into the weapon they last held before using the mounted minigun. The incendiary effect helps the mounted minigun be much more efficient against the likes of Scouts and Seekers. Also like the two aforementioned Equalizers, the mounted minigun can be very helpful in clearing objectives. Some mounted miniguns on Point of Contact have a clear line of sight at Barrier Hives, allowing the user to purchase a mounted minigun for the purpose of damaging the hive. A mounted minigun also has a sightline against the Breeder when players fight it in the first area.

The main limitation with the mounted minigun is that it heats up relatively quickly, and players will need to wait for the minigun to completely cool off if it overheats. So long as the minigun isn't at maximum heat, the player can shoot it, so players should try to avoid hitting the maximum heat threshold whenever possible to retain firing capability.

Despite seemingly being man-operated, mounted miniguns on Exodus will go offline and won't be able to be purchased when the generator on the west side of the base is damaged.

Remote Minigun[]

On Mayday and Exodus, there are remote miniguns. These miniguns cost the same amount per unit to purchase as their manned counterparts. The remote minigun is purchased through the remote and not through the minigun itself, unlike mounted miniguns. The remote for the remote minigun is a yellow pillar that is about waist-high. The remote minigun tends to be quite some distance away from the remote used to control it. Once purchased, the player will instantly enter control of the remote minigun, unlike purchasing a manned minigun, which requires a player to hold the action button to man the minigun even after purchasing it.

Remote miniguns have several noticeable improvements over their mounted counterparts. Most notably, they don't have any visual recoil to speak of, and the user views the surroundings through a camera on the minigun instead of standing directly behind the minigun turret itself, allowing for the player to be a notable distance away from the minigun turret when operating it. Bullets fired from the remote minigun also have arcing Stun Ammo that allows munitions to indirectly hit nearby cryptids, although the range with which an arc can occur is shorter than regular arcing stun ammo. Unlike with mounted miniguns however, the remote miniguns are not affected by the special ammo glitch, meaning that the remote minigun can never set enemies ablaze. The user also can't use the aim down sight button to get a higher zoom level, but the user will still get the slowed aim sensitivity. The remote minigun is also incredibly quick to cool down. Ceasing to fire for even just a second can cool down the remote minigun significantly.

Unlike with manned miniguns, which always have 450 bullets on tap before needing to be purchased again, mounted miniguns have an inconsistent amount of ammo, ranging anywhere from 300 to 500 rounds of ammunition.

Like with regular minigun units, when using the remote minigun, cryptids can still target and attack the user of the turret. This leaves the user very vulnerable to attack, although some remote minigun units can maintain a line of sight on its operator, leaving the operator able to defend themselves without disengaging from the turret. If the user goes down whilst using a remote minigun, the user will immediately disengage from the turret and enter the downed state.

Like with other miniguns, holding down the aim down sight button will manually spool up the remote minigun without firing it, allowing the user to remain ready to fire, and allowing the user to remain spooled up when they cease to fire. Holding down the fire button without holding down the aim down sight button will cause the remote minigun to spool up until it is ready, and then proceed to fire until the minigun either overheats or the user releases the fire button, in which case the minigun will begin to spool down. Pressing and holding the reload button will allow a user who is using a remote minigun to disengage from the remote.

The remote minigun is far less common than the manned minigun. It only appears on Mayday and Exodus, and they are usually not relevant until the very last parts of the game.

The remote miniguns on Mayday will have a green light glowing when they are operational and able to be used, and the same light will glow red when the remote miniguns need to be purchased. When in use, the remote minigun will actively move when the operator moves its aim.

On Mayday, two remote minigun units appear on the upper deck, before the bio lab area. These remote minigun units look over the elevated platform just before the bio lab entrance, with both units having a direct sightline at a potential hive, should it be there. The placement of the remote miniguns can make it very easy to defend this hive, especially since there are two Electric Fence units that electrify most of the floor that this hive is located on. However, both remotes to operate these miniguns from are precariously close to cryptid spawn points, which make them very risky to use, especially if they are not being used for the purpose of defending the hive on the grate in particular.

Also on Mayday, four separate remote miniguns are available for use during the final fight against the Kraken, and the player's in-game character will frequently make comments pointing out the status and potential use case for the remote miniguns against the Kraken. When the Kraken performs its EMP pulsing roar, each of the remote miniguns will be temporarily deactivated. When deactivated by EMP effects, the remote miniguns will heavily emit smoke, and the LED will not display a color. A remote minigun that was used against the Kraken that gets deactivated by the EMP pulsing roar tends to stay offline for far longer than if it wasn't used against the Kraken, to the extent that it is essentially rendered inoperable once it is taken offline. However, a remote minigun that gets taken offline by EMP effects that wasn't used beforehand will come back online very quickly after the Kraken re-emerges. The remotes used to operate the remote miniguns here are each located in the four corners of the deck, leaving them very close to cryptid spawn points, and fully exposing the operator to damage from the Kraken. Oddly enough, players manning these turrets are not at risk of taking damage from the Kraken's heat attack.

Using the aforementioned remote miniguns effectively are often integral to defeating the Kraken, as they deal significant damage. For players that aren't Weapon Specialists, they are often the best option to use to deal damage to the Kraken. Fully upgraded Weapon Specialists can keep a similar or even superior level of damage output with an LMG and smart usage of the Weapon Specialist Upgrade. When playing with multiple players, it is best that the Weapon Specialist(s) not man the turrets and allow less powerful teammates to man the turrets instead. The turrets also provide an elevated vantage point that can be crucial in detecting and eliminating Seeders that take elevated positions, especially on containers, where they can be hard to see.

All remote miniguns have a special property that, should they run out of ammo, that remote minigun cannot be purchased again for a period of time. Attempting to go near the remote will spawn a message that reads "Turret is reloading". Once the reload process is finished, the minigun can be purchased again.

On Exodus, three remote miniguns surround the Exodus base, one that looks over each of the areas directly outside of the base's walls. The remote miniguns on Exodus are unique in that they do not need to be spooled up at all. Every Ancestor that appears in the Exodus base defense sequence will pass through a remote minigun's view for an extended period of time, opening the potential for these remote miniguns to be used to deal heavy damage to the Ancestor. The minigun on the west side of the base is inside the broken building, allowing for a unique vantage point very close to a cryptid spawn point. The minigun on the north facing side of the base also has a sightline on the alley where the Fire Trap is located, which can allow the user to detect and fire at cryptids that come from that direction.

Portable Minigun[]

"Portable Minigun with 100 rounds."
— In-game description

The portable version appears as the Death Machine under the Equalizer category. After getting the 3rd upgrade its name will change whilst equipped to "Death Incinerator".

The Death Machine is incredibly expensive at $2200, and is incredibly limiting in its usage, as it restricts the use of all abilities and other weapons until all minigun ammo is used up. The Death Machine also significantly reduces the damage of the melee attack, reducing it to a third of its original damage. The Death Machine also has a poor movement speed to begin with. The Death Machine makes it impossible to interact with Search Piles or go into a prone position.

When not upgraded to full, the Death Machine is a terrible weapon. It's incredibly restrictive, and while it is powerful, it is a huge money sink and doesn't bring enough to the table to justify restricting players from their other weapons and abilities, as well as neutering the damage of the melee attack, taking five hits to kill a Scout at full health. When the last three upgrades are acquired, however, the Death Machine improves significantly. The second upgrade allows the Death Machine to shred through Hunters while making the Minigun far less cumbersome. The third upgrade essentially gives the Death Machine the effects of Incendiary Ammo, significantly improving the Death Machine's damage output against all enemies. With upgrades 2 and 3 in tow, the Death Machine begins to show its teeth, as its incredible damage output begins to make the Death Machine worth using.

The fourth upgrade, however, catapults the Death Machine from a fun but impractical weapon into a monstrous Equalizer. Doubling the Death Machine's ammo to 200 rounds allows the Death Machine to rack up kills by the dozens. By upgrade level 3, the Deach Machine can already make ridiculously quick work of any enemy. It can kill Scouts in a single shot thanks to the Incendiary Ammo, it is one of the best weapons in the game at killing Hunters, and it also can destroy Scorpions with ease. It also does a number against even the heaviest of opponents. 200 rounds instead of 100 allows the Death Machine to actually turn a profit from its usage, since it can kill so efficiently and now has twice the ammo to work with, making the portable minigun a much less risky weapon to use. It having so much ammo also means that the user does not need to re-purchase it nearly as often, further conserving money. Because the Death Machine can turn a profit from its usage, users should buy something before purchasing the Death Machine, as it is not very hard to reach the money limit before the Death Machine's ammo is completely expended. If players need something to spend money on while the Portable Minigun is in use, the player is still able to purchase any of the traps or mounted miniguns while the Death Machine is deployed, and the user retains the ability to drop money for others to use. Traps pair well with the Death Machine, as they can soften up opponents, and can spare the Death Machine user the hassle of even dealing with Scouts, who often get outright killed by traps.

The Death Machine's sheer power makes it so that it is not necessary to hold down the trigger for extended periods of time when not engaging an extremely tough enemy like a Rhino or Mammoth.

The Death Machine's damage can be modified through Do Less Damage and the Weapon Specialist. The Weapon Specialist is a solid choice of class for the Death Machine, although the Death Machine doesn't get the benefit of quicker reloads or the tighter spread. Nonetheless, the Death Machine's handling is radically improved by speeding up the deploy time of the portable minigun, the aim down sight speed, and the strafe speed. The damage modification that comes from Do Less Damage and/or the Weapon Specialist make little difference on Scouts when fully upgraded due to the afterburn ensuring a quick kill anyway, but the damage difference becomes extremely apparent against stronger foes like Hunters, Scorpions, and Rhinos. Do Less Damage is not advised for usage with the Death Machine, as it will make the Death Machine far less efficient against heavier opponents and make it far less useful of an Equalizer overall. Conversely, the damage bonus from Weapon Specialist makes the Death Machine far more effective and cost efficient at the later stages of the game. Despite being affected by the Weapon Specialist, the Death Machine does not get the major advantages conferred by the Weapon Specialist Upgrade, not receiving a bottomless magazine during its effect, nor an ammo top-up after its effect.

The Tank is a very natural pairing with the Death Machine, increasing the user's health while wearing it. This can heavily increase survivability if the user's armor is depleted while the Death Machine is in usage, or if the user has no armor to speak of.

When fully upgraded, the Death Machine's raw power is immense, and rivals that of weapons wielded by fully upgraded Weapon Specialists. It is one of the most powerful tools one can use, but it comes at an extremely high price, and it is a huge waste of money unless it is upgraded to at least level 3. Death Machine users in solo play must also be prepared with a good supply of Armor before purchasing it, as there will be no way for the user to regain armor until the Death Machine is discarded. As such, the usefulness of the Death Machine is highly dependent on if the player wishes to make extensive use of it or not, as well as if teammates are present to supplement the portable minigun user with armor. The Death Machine, for all its immense power and potential, is a weapon that needs to be the focal point of the user's playstyle if it is to be used to its fullest extent. If the Death Machine is going to be an afterthought or not upgraded all the way, users would be better off just not touching it altogether and using something else in the Equalizer slot, as the Death Machine is all-or-nothing in nature since it is so reliant on its upgrades for it to pay off.


  • Portable Minigun with 100 rounds.
    • +1 (Cost: 1): Recoil is dampened.
    • +2 (Cost: 1): Movement speed is increased and ammo can pierce the head plates of Hunters.
    • +3 (Cost: 2): Fire rounds inflict increased damage.
    • +4 (Cost: 3): Doubles the ammo count to 200.


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare[]

On the map "Bio Lab" there is a usable mounted minigun on the side of the building that is carried down to the map. On the map "Atlas Gorge", there is a minigun near the Atlas spawn. There are two miniguns on the map "Kremlin", one in a palace and one in a building; both are in the windows of the second floor of the buildings overlooking the bridge connecting the two structures. The palace's minigun is on the right window and the other is on the left window of the other building. There are also multiple red minigun models scattered around the map Chop Shop near point C in the gamemode Domination.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare[]

The Minigun appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in a portable form, manufactured by FSS.


The Minigun can be used in the mission Into the Furnace.


The Minigun within Modern Warfare sports one of the highest rates of fire for any weapon in the entire franchise, at around 3,000 RPM. However, it has severe recoil and a significant spool-up time, forcing the player to pre-fire around corners and play with a more supportive playstyle in mind. The Juggernaut's minigun has unlimited ammo, giving the killstreak more of a fighting chance compared to previous versions, where the main weapon they used had limited ammo. Pressing the ADS button zooms in the screen slightly. Despite the high range, the Minigun is best used at close range, as the recoil and lack of decent zoom makes hitting targets at longer ranges a challenge, potentially wasting valuable ammo. The firing report of the minigun is very loud, along with nearly every shot creating tracers, making this weapon very easy to discern upon the chaos of a battle. Upon death, it is dropped and can be picked up by any player (until it runs out of ammo); ammo for it cannot be replenished. There is a very rare chance of it being picked up when a player uses the Weapon Drop Field Upgrade in multiplayer. It is also dropped from all Juggernauts in Special Ops. Overall, the Minigun is an extremely powerful weapon in the right hands, but it forces the player to adopt a very supportive playstyle, or risk losing the Minigun if they are killed. However, the upsides of a near instant time-to-kill, unlimited belt size in the case of Juggernaut users, and massive damage output allow this weapon to dominate any gunfight, along with being a very good choice for destroying low-flying killstreaks, turning them into scrap within seconds. Currently in multiplayer, the only methods of obtaining a Minigun is picking up off a dead Juggernaut, from the Weapon Drop Field Upgrade, or from using the Juggernaut killstreak, balancing it out compared to previous versions, which in one case could be selected as a killstreak.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War[]

A minigun is mounted on the helicopter in the mission Fracture Jaw. It is also used in the Chopper Gunner in multiplayer, and on the Gunboat in Fireteam and Outbreak.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II[]

The Minigun is featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II as part of the Juggernaut killstreak. It is not available in the campaign, though an unusable minigun in a non-portable form can be seen on a table in the mission Kill or Capture.

It is also featured in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 where it is used by the Juggernaut at the Black Site. Killing the Juggernaut will make it drop the Minigun for the player's use. However, instead of having unlimited ammo like its multiplayer counterpart, the Minigun in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 carries 320 rounds and cannot be reloaded or resupplied in any way. It is also seen in the DMZ mode, in the hand of the Juggernauts in Al Mazrah and Ashika Island.

In the Shadow Siege event, the Minigun only holds 200 rounds, but can be reloaded and has unlimited reserve ammunition.

Call of Duty: Mobile[]

A mounted Minigun is available in Ground War, where it is used on the Gunboat that was added in 2023 as part of the Season 6: Templar's Oath update.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III[]

The Minigun returns in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III.

In the campaign, it can be found in supply boxes in the missions Reactor, Oligarch and Highrise.



  • In multiplayer, if the player uses a mounted minigun while wielding any sniper rifle, the player can hold their breath while zoomed in with the minigun. However, while it does not affect the player's accuracy, it does remove the minimap from the corner of the screen.
  • In Call of Duty 4 and in Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer, there is no hand on the minigun in first person. This has been changed in Modern Warfare Remastered as one can now see Soap grab the minigun and his hands remain visible regardless of which direction one looks.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3[]

  • If the player aims in on the minigun with the XM25 equipped in multiplayer, the XM25's HUD will show up and still show range, but not mark.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II[]

  • If the player equips a minigun in "Old Wounds" and rides the horse with it equipped, Mason will hold it one-handed. This shows that the side grip is actually L-shaped since the part normally hidden by the character's left hand is not present at all.
  • With the FOV set to 80 in the PC version, the minigun model is slightly too small for the screen and the end of the model at the bottom and right of the screen can be seen when moving.
  • If the player fires the minigun long enough without releasing the trigger, the sustained visual recoil will eventually cause the gun to move completely off screen.

Call of Duty: Ghosts[]

  • In first-person, the player will hold the minigun as if he were left-handed, while it is held in a right-hand fashion in third-person.
  • The Minigun's ammunition cannot be refilled by any means in normal multiplayer mode (Scavenger, walking over dropped miniguns, Ammo Crates, or by completing Field Orders).
    • In Safeguard mode however, it can be refilled, though the weapon lasts for a limited amount of time.
  • In Safeguard mode, if a player is downed while holding a minigun, it disappears off-screen when crawling, like in previous games. However, a crawling animation is seen if the player crawls very slowly.
  • The minigun display reads "1159".

Call of Duty: Black Ops III[]

  • In the Campaign and Nightmares mission "Lotus Towers", the pick-up text for the Death Machines found during the fight with the Mothership refers to it as the "Minigun".