Missile Away is the eleventh mission in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Nintendo DS).

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The player starts off inside the facility. The player is being timed by a countdown. The player finishes off the Ultranationalists and continue through the facility. He finds a ladder and climbs up it. Once he is out of facility, he makes his way across the area into a small hangar on the opposite side. He eliminates all of the enemies and continue moving. He encounters a tank after exiting the hangar and is forced to call an airstrike on it. When it is destroyed, he eliminates more enemies and leaves the area. He continues to move until he reaches another ladder. He climbs down the ladder and finds himself back in the facility. Eventually, he finds a hallway. He goes through the hallway and reaches the control room. He kills all the enemies inside and then types in the missile's abort codes.

However, there is a nuclear device inside the facility that needs to be captured before it falls into the wrong hands. He goes through a hallway under a flight of stairs, and continue moving down while killing the Ultranationalists. He eventually reaches a room containing the nuclear device. He eradicates every enemy in the room while a friendly soldier takes the nuclear device. The player exits the room and goes down the hallway until he reaches a ramp with two large doors at the end of it. The doors fling open, forcing the player to fight numerous Ultranationalists. He eliminates them all and exits the room, ending the level.

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