Mission: Matmata is the first level from the North Africa campaign in Call of Duty: Finest Hour.



The player starts off on the outskirts of the town of Matmata, and will quickly run into a German patrol, who will retreat to three machine gun nests. The best way to go about this is to keep right, climbing the stairs of the building with the nest on the roof, and then quickly use the Sten to clear the nest. One should then use the Lee Enfield to clear the other nests on the road below, as this is safer than the machine gun itself. Following this, a half-track will deploy a squad of German reinforcements, this followed by a panzer. The best way to destroy it is by waiting on the top of the building with the machine gun nest, and then use your N° 74 ST grenades to destroy it, as it will continue to circle around the building until destroyed. After this, approach the building with the German flag. This is the communications outpost, and it must be cleared to complete the objective. After this follow Sgt. Starkey up the hill, and clear the second building, and destroy the radio tower. Now proceed down the hill, optionally pausing to kill one of the gunners of the fortress. After the first group of Germans is dispatched, proceed down the first road to the left, as this offers a flanking position and a Bren near a wrecked jeep. After the fortress is secured use the MG-42 to clear the intersection below, remembering to keep the rooftop across the street clear. After a half-track breaks down the gate, continue through the intersection to the generator, placing the charge on it ends the mission.

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Call of Duty Finest Hour - North Africa, Mission 1

Call of Duty Finest Hour - North Africa, Mission 1

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