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Mission Teams are special factions featured in the multiplayer of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Mission Teams allow for completion of special challenges to earn exclusive Calling Cards, Prototype Weapons, Emblems, Combat Rig customization pieces and Camouflages. Salvage is also earned as the player ranks up their mission team.

The first Mission Team to be unlocked are the JTF Wolverines. As the player ranks up, the Sabre Team Seven, Orion Initiative and Wraith mission teams become available. Blood Anvil was added in the game at a later date. The maximum rank for a mission team was level 50, but was changed to level 100 in an update[1].

Every 10 levels, players will earn a mission team weapon variant, up to level 50. From that point onward, every 10 levels up to the maximum level of 100 will earn players the MkII variant of those weapons.


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