The Rescue of Price and Gerald Ingram took place at Nazi Germany and Austria.


Price and Gerald's plane got shot down as they were flying into enemy territory. Baker Company was sent to rescue them.


Baker Company parachuted into Austria and stole a German truck and went the rest of the way on foot while hiding the truck. Baker Company then advanced to the Chateau while Brooks and Harding went to get the truck. Baker Company took out German troops near a guard house and then a large building where Baker Company entered except for Foley and Moody who went to find Price and Gerald. Baker Company took out many German troops and managed to retrieve documents and find a secret room. Once Baker Company entered the room, they then destroyed a communications device and meet up with the rest of the troops. They then continued through the building and reached the cell doors, taking out all German troops in the area. However, they only found Price and escorted him to the truck and left the Chateau. It was revealed that Gerald was moved to a camp near Strasshof, Austria. Baker Company mounted a rescue by a truck and rammed the entrance and reached Gerald's location. Several troops then began to search the camp and found him in a cell. They fought their way out to the entrance of the prison cell and escape by truck.


As a result of Baker Companies efforts. Captain Price and Major Gerald Ingram were rescued.

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