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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies
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The Modular Atomic Disintegrator is a wonder weapon featured in the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies map Attack of the Radioactive Thing. It shoots extremely powerful atomic blasts at zombies. It can only be obtained through the Magic Wheel and can only be upgraded with parts found around the map. The Weapon's charged shot can kill a Crog Brute with one hit while potentialy wiping out a zombie horde. Its normal shots can trigger the Change Chews effects, increasing its power. Completing the MAD for the first time earns the MAD Proto Achievement/Trophy.

How to Obtain[]

The normal MAD needs to be acquired from the Magic Wheel. It has 30 rounds and a normal shot that can kill up until 33-35. After obtaining it, the player needs to get the Crowbar inside the room near the Bombstoppers and open 3 panels that contains the Parts inside it for the upgrade. They are free and always at the same place, easily built in one round.


The Crank is in the control panel just outside of the TV station where you can find Elvira, at the wall near the Pack a Punch portal. When added, the player can hold the ADS button to charge the M.A.D. up for a more powerful shot, which uses 5 rounds at once.

The Grip panel is found in the trailer park next to the entrance to the men's bathroom, to the side of a shopping cart. When added, the recoil is reduced and more range is added.

The Plunger part is found in the panel behind the gas station sitting beside a Willard's portrait. When added, the M.A.D.'s ammo can be refilled using radioactive eggs spawning around the map.


The MAD is a strong weapon, dealing infinite damage with its charged shots, however the range is less than desirable and normal shots have a limited effect, killing until something about 33. The charged shot can kill a Crog Brute in one hit as well as a complete horde of zombies. Its charged shot will save you most of the time, since it can wipe every enemy instantly with no effort but you need to hold the charge button until its complete, doing the opposite will instead cancel the effect and leaving a "cooldown", this can be mitigated as the Racin' Stripes enables the sprint/shot while charging. It has a very low ammo stock, 30 rounds that can be refilled at the Radioactive Eggs, each egg has a 5 rounds cooldown and they are found in several places. The weapon is very weak without its parts, so you should focus on getting it ready before anything. Oddly enough, holding the LT/L2 to charge the shot will apply the damage bonus from the Deadeye Dewdrops. Since the MAD does not have a stock reserve ammo, Infinite Ammo will refill all of the available ammo without consuming the eggs for extra bullets. Since the charged shot is very powerful, you can focus all of your cards in Ammo, as this is the only weak part of the MAD.