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Monuments, Fine Arts, and
Archives Progeram
Leader(s) Major Hank Rideau
Appears in Call of Duty: WWII
Country Members of the Allied Powers
Type Recovery of arts and monuments
Branches "Raven" team
Engagements World War II
Active 1943-1946
Level Prologue
The Final Reich
Gröesten Haus
The Darkest Shore
The Shadowed Throne

The Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives program (MFAA) was a group established in 1943 to help protect cultural property in war areas during and after World War II. The group of approximately 400 service members and civilians worked with military forces to safeguard historic and cultural monuments from war damage, and as the conflict came to a close, to find and return works of art and other items of cultural importance that had been stolen by the Nazis or hidden for safekeeping.

The four playable characters of the Nazi Zombies mode of Call of Duty: WWII are members of the MFAA.

Notable MembersEdit

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