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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: WWII The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies
"I speak for Lu'roth, first of the Moonraven Order. Night warden. Shadow of life and sister to death."
Klaus Fischer

Moonraven is an ancient order of warriors that later was became the eponymous name a variation of Geistkraft energy after research done in Mittelburg done by the Ahnenerbe.


The Moonraven Order is an ancient order centred around utility and shadows. Lu'roth, being the first member of the Order wielded a flail crafted in the city of Thule which became known as the Talon of Lu'roth, it is unknown when the flail was broken, however the mace head was given the name the Orb of Lu'roth

Emperor Frederick Barbarossa had his four highest Royal Guards be members of the four Raven Orders, with their notable weapons being attributed to the order as well. The member of the Moonraven order that was a Royal Guard wielded the morning star known as "Midnight" that could smash through enemies like moonlight through shadows.[1]

Klaus Fischer utilising stolen research and technology from Peter Straub created modified Überschanlle that require different resonance frequencies charge, with the Moonraven requiring large amounts of zombies killed in a moment to charge it. The Moonraven charged Überschanlle then is used to create parts for the Tesla Gun that change how the gun functions. Klaus hid the Überschanlle and research away prior to his capturing by Doctor Straub.

After his death Klaus became the new Rook which allowed him to make Raven squad into members of the Raven Lords.


The available research from the Moonraven tree mainly provides support the ease of killing hordes without directing increasing the damage one does or by allowing for more risky tactics to be utilised without worry.Armored Up is unlocked for reaching tier 5.

Raven Research Mods

Research Name Mod Type Icon Affect
Armored Up Universal Armored Up Raven Mod WWII.png Spawn and respawn with 3 points of Geistschild.
Survivalist Camouflage Survivalist Raven Mod WWII.png Gain 1 point of Geistschild
Resilent Frontline Resilient Raven Mod WWII.png Significantly reduces the delay before regaining health while using Frontline.
Flak Jacket Universal Flak Jacket Raven Mod WWII.png Take no damage from your own explosives.
Determination Frontline Determination Raven Mod WWII.png Gain 2 points of Geistschild when activating Frontline.
Breathing Room Shellshock Breathing Room Raven Mod WWII.png Shellshock has increased range and knocks enemies back further.
Stubborn Universal Stubborn Raven Mod WWII.png Keep all Blitz when revived for the first time.
Punishment Frontline Punishment Raven Mod WWII.png While Frontline is active, weaker enemies die automatically after hitting the user.
Suppressive Fire Freefire Suppressive Fire Raven Mod WWII.png Enemies slow down momentarily as they take bullet damage while using Freefire.
Mobilization Camouflage Mobilization Raven Mod WWII.png Increased movement speed while using Camouflage.
Sustain Zone Shellshock Sustain Zone Raven Mod WWII.png Shellshock creates a zone of energy that lingers after the burst. Enemies that enter the zone are stunned. However, the range of Shellshock is reduced.


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