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The Movie Wormhole Trap is a trap featured in the final Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies map, The Beast from Beyond.


The Movie Wormhole Trap is featured in the The Beast from Beyond map. When activated it sucks zombies into the screen, similar to the intro cutscene to Zombies in Spaceland and the Chromosphere trap of said map.

The trap can be located in the theater, directly in front of the movie screen.

Alien FusesEdit

The Movie Wormhole Trap is needed to power the Alien Fuses. After picking up the fuses near the Proteus wallbuy and the reel in the real Afterlife Arcade, the player must place the reel in the projector within the Projector Room. This will cause the movie screen to now show Zombies in Spaceland instead of The Beast from Beyond. The player must activate the trap and use the Entangler wonder weapon to suck a Brute mask out of the movie, then take it to the cardboard cutout of the Brute and place the mask on the Brute's head. The player must then place the fuses in the hand of the Sasquatch cutout and interact with the Brute cutout, which will send a beam of energy into the fuses, powering them up.

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