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The Mud-Pit Maze is a utility featured in Shangri-La. The Mud-Pit Maze when activated is a series of walls that will choose the player's path when they enter the room. It is very risky as when Zombies are following the player it can take the player back to where they started which can trap the player. It can also be beneficial by using the Mud-Pit Maze against zombies if the player understands its patterns.

The way to activate the Mud-Pit Maze is the step on one of its plates which will automatically cause walls that will block the player's path. If the player doesn't step on one of the plates, the mud will slow them down. After the player have stepped on a plate the patterns change on the way they go the maze if they step on that same plate again when coming through the maze again.

There are switches inside the mud pit maze that can be rotated. It has been confirmed that the switches inside the maze change the path through it. It is also part of the Eclipse Easter Egg.

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