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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies
For a Treyarch Zombies perk with a similar name, see Mule Kick.
Why try to kill two birds with one stone? Why try to sing two notes with one tone? Why try to have two kings on one throne? Why try to grow two trees from one seed that is sown? Have an extra! It's always better! I like when they run to the time of fun! Have an extra! It's always better! I like when they run to the time of fun. Mule Munchies! (Still in this world) x4.
— Mule Munchies Jingle
"Sometimes you need a third hand!"
— Tagline

Mule Muchies is a Candy Perk in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies mode. It functions similarly to Mule Kick from Treyarch's previous Zombies entries, allowing the player to carry three primary weapons of their choosing.



Mule Munchies appears as a tall, red and green vending machine. Mule Munchies candy can be seen in the window to the machine. There is a very distinct red insignia on the top of the machine resembling a mule. The name of the perk is shown in large, white letters underneath of the mule insignia. Underneath the perk name is a part of the machine designed towards a Central American palette, with the words "Uno Mas" present. There is a coin inserting compartment to the right side of the machine, which is also styled in a similar palette.



  • The phrase "Uno Mas" when translated from Spanish means "One More", referring to the perk's ability of allowing the player to hold one more weapon.
  • Despite selling the same product, the machine's slots have two different values - $3.50 and $4.50.
  • According to the box, a box of Mule Munchies weighs 6 ounces or 170 grams.
  • Mule Munchies are artificially flavoured.
  • The insignia of the mule refer to the common usage of mules as beasts of burden to carry goods between trading posts.
  • Amongst the area around the machine, there are empty boxes of Mule Munchies.
    • The boxes have text on them saying "Carry More", "Go Farther", "3x", "Uno Mas" and "Uno Mas for the cause, partner!".
    • Upon the back of the box there is a barcode, a serial number and a nutrition table. The barcode number is 8161715131019. This is a reference to the popular 1980s song Tommy Tutone - Jenny, better known as 867-5309, which is what number is created after removing all the ones from the barcode (8161715131019).
      • The nutritional information on a box of Mule Munchies reads as the following;
        • Serving Size: 20 pieces (40g)
        • Servings Per Container: about 4
        • Calories: 145
        • Calories From Fat: 0
        • Okay Why Are: 0%
        • You Reading
        • This Thing
        • Seriously: 1000%
        • How Did You
        • Get Close Enough: 69g
        • To This Texture
        • To Read It
        • Without Getting eaten by Zombies, Yelled at by your Team-mates, or just bored
        • Go Outside and Play for a bit. Life is too short to spend reading Textures.
      • The serial number on a box of Mule Munchies is BW1983NS.