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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts

"Hidden ghost town on an abandoned island. Give no quarter to your enemies in close engagements."
— Description

Mutiny is a map in Call of Duty: Ghosts. It is featured in the Invasion DLC. The map is located on and around a flagship.


"Mutiny transports players to a remote Caribbean island harboring an eerie pirate hideout complete with abandoned trading posts and prison cells. Speed and stealth are a must as players navigate the narrow and intertwining pathways. However, let ye be warned that gamers taking up positions on the pirate ship moored in the center of the map will become vulnerable to enemy fire from the numerous flanking routes created by the map’s horseshoe shaped dock. Players that unlock “Mutiny’s” Field Order will find themselves escorted by two ethereal ghost pirates, who will happily send enemy combatants down to Davey Jones’ locker on their behalf. The other Field Order calls in a friendly ship to rain down cannon fire upon your enemies from the sea."
— Official Description

The map is mostly close-medium range. The only real place that would have any long range use would be when on top of the ship, but even then it really isn't long range. Submachine guns and shotguns do well on the map due to it mostly being close-quarters, but in certain spots assault rifles can be used effectively too.


  • This map has a Field Order reward called Cannon Barrage that when obtained, a pirate ship nearby will sail past and launch a barrage of cannonballs onto the map. The effect is similar to Mortar Fire and can kill the player who calls it in if they are not careful.
  • A second Field Order reward called Ghostly Crew that when obtained, the player is escorted by two ethereal ghost pirates, who kill any enemy they see. One of the pirates has dual wield flintlock pistols while the other has a hook.
  • There are several bells around the map that will ring if the player throws a knife at it or knifes it.

Easter Egg Hunt[]

Go to the pirate ship in the middle of the map, prone on the deck and look down inside, the Extinction Egg is held in the cargo bay.


  • There is a Ghost mask in a few of the shops, along with other masks from the "Masked Warriors" teaser trailer.
  • There is a ghost symbol on the flag on the ship, a reference to most pirate ship flags using a signature "jolly roger" skull and crossbones on their flags.
  • If players look far out, they will see a rock formation of a giant dark skull.
  • If players go to the back of the map where the gates are located, they can hear haunted voices of pirates singing or talking. They can also be heard in the Bar area.
    • Along with the voices in the bar area are skeletons of dead pirates.
  • A hidden gnome can be found via spectating within the shop with the ghost mask, in the corner of the fireplace.