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' Mystery is an Easter egg song for the Zombies map Dead of the Night, written by Kevin Sherwood, and sung by Elena Siegman.


A warning carved in a figure
Run before they see you
Lead you all away
Run before they know

This image
Can't be real
Make me feel

I fall away
Like crumbling away
Where are all the names

A warming wind in the distance
brings a colder morning
Mourning day and night
brings a darker light

This shadow
over me
is growing
Now there are nine

I'm crying out 
De profundis clamavi
Bleeding from the darkest 
beating heart

What is this I'm looking for
Who am I beyond this door

Show me something that I recognize
Show me answers to all this mystery

A warning cry of resistance
sings to sleep a monster
howling with the loons
And tolls an April bell

I hear it
In my mind
I fear it
It won't stop ringing

Time wear away
Time is rust wearing away 
Greater than all grains
of sand you see

Who is this I'm looking for
who are you
What would I believe beyond all these doors
Now show me

Show me someone whom I recognize
Show me 
Show me someone I can clearly see a mystery

What is this you're looking for
who are you
Who are you behind this door
who are you

Show me something that you recognize 
Is it me
Knowing that you can now see
Clearly see everything

Clearly see everyone there 
I can be anyone anywhere

And I'm waiting for someone 
to come here and kill me
and become a part of me
Break them and make them me 

Why am I here and who am I now
Who am I 
What would I believe inside my mind
Who am I 

Show me somewhere I can realize
Show me
Show me somewhere I can clearly be 
My mystery

Where was it you were before
Where are you
Who are you and 
where are you now

Show me someone 
that will never die
Die like me 

I'll show you something that is always alive and 
dying to find and 
Mine is a mystery