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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Mobile
For a similarly named weapon, see NZ-41.

The NA-45 is a sniper rifle featured in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Call of Duty: Mobile.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare[]

"Semi-automatic two round fire system. Primer (first round) explodes when the Catalyst (second round) hits nearby."
— In-game description


The NA-45, referred to as m990 in the game files, is available in the HQ's weapons cache in "Atlas", and is also used by the KVA in some other missions. It uses standard sniper rounds, unlike its multiplayer counterpart.


The NA-45 is unlocked at level 26.

The weapon uses "exploding" rounds: the first shot acts as a tracker, and when the second round is shot nearby, they explode. Note that this "tracking and exploding" sequence of shots will not work if the shots are fired too far apart, in which case they act as regular sniper rounds. These rounds deal only 30 damage by themselves, and will only achieve a one-shot kill by themselves via a headshot in Core modes or any bodyshot in Hardcore. The rounds also have no penetration power and will stick to whatever surface it hits, including players.

The NA-45 is capable of shooting at 750 RPM, the fastest of all sniper rifles in the game. However, firing at such a fast rate may cause the detonating round to miss via recoil.

As well, the shots need to land on the same surface in order to explode. For example, if the primer hits a wall, and then the second round hits an enemy player, it will not explode, regardless of how close together the enemy and the wall are. Reloading after the first shot will also deactivate the first round and reset the cycle. There are only two shots per magazine. There is a moderately high amount of sway, so the Ballistic CPU attachment is highly recommended if the player will be using the default scope anyways, and aiming for long periods of time. It is highly recommended to Reload cancel the weapon when possible, as the player will reload a lot.

The explosion of the primer round is similar in power to a frag grenade, meaning a player can kill an enemy just by firing at a surface near the enemy. It is possible to kill multiple enemies with a single explosion. Supply Drop variants that have damage increases actually increase the damage from the explosion. If an enemy at full health is killed by the explosion, it will earn the player the One Shot One Kill medal (despite it technically being two shots). However, if the first shot hits the enemy but does not kill them, then exploding the round will not count as a one shot kill as the impact has taken down the enemy's full health.

The NA-45 has a better chance of making explosions if shooting from a bird's-eye-view of the desired target. If the player will be moving around a lot, it may be a good idea to invest in the ACOG Scope, as the lower zoom level can be very useful. The Ironsights, although harder to obtain, serve a similar purpose, but have a significantly lower zoom level than the ACOG Scope, and are extremely obstructive, making ranged shooting of the NA-45 unreliable in some cases.

Usage of Danger Close is highly recommended, as the NA-45 will receive a much larger chance of getting a kill by using it. As well, Flak Jacket can also be useful if the NA-45 user will be using it in close quarters, where they may be harmed by the explosive radius

In conclusion, the NA-45 is an extremely odd weapon that should be treated more akin to a standalone weapon, rather than a sniper rifle. Usage of the NA-45 requires a great deal of strategy and class setup, but the NA-45, when used correctly, can be sure to leave a mark on the battlefield.

The NA-45 has some good variants to use. The Sharpshooter decreases sprint-out time to 270 milliseconds as well has increasing the movement speed to 91.8% (i.e. a 2% increase), contrary to what the in-game stats claim. Both advantages as questionable, although considering the Sharpshooter has no downside, it is a pure bonus variant.

The HE increases the minimum damage of the explosion to 30, making the weapon slightly more powerful, especially when paired with Danger Close. However, the HE suffers from more idle sway, a minor penalty.

The M and Hurried increase the firecap to 857 and 1000 RPM respectively, allowing one to fire a follow-up shot quicker. However the M and Hurried both have more idle sway, with the Hurried having a 330 milliseconds sprint-out time instead of the usual 300, both of which are minor downsides. The higher fire rate could allow the player to easily fire two shots quikcly, although one must be careful as recoil as well as idle sway could cause the second round could miss the first one, resulting in no explosion.

The Ravager has a very large explosion damage increase, as well as extending the blast radius to 7.6 meters, making the weapon far more powerful, especially when combined with Danger Close. However the Ravager has a quite large downside in that its firecap is lowered to a mere 400 RPM, meaning that one will hit the firecap if they shoot faster than 400 RPM, and consequently will actually shoot slower than the maximum potential. This is a downside in that the player will have to wait for a longer delay to fire another shot in order not to hit the firecap, reducing the weapon's damage potential due to the lower fire rate.


Supply Drop Variants[]

Name Rarity Advantages Disadvantages Notes
Agile Enlisted Sprint-Out time: -10% Fire Rate: 666 RPM
Sharp Shooter Enlisted Sprint-Out time: -10%
Movement speed: 91.8%
Mobility -1 acts as Mobility +1
M Enlisted Fire Rate: 857 RPM Idle Amount: +25%/Speed +17%
HE Enlisted Explosion Damage: 130-30 Idle Amount: +25%/Speed +17%
Rover Professional Sprint-Out time: -20% Explosion Damage: 100-15
Explosion Radius: 196
Exact Professional Idle Speed -17% Fire Rate: 600 RPM
Hurried Professional Fire Rate: 1000 RPM Idle Amount: 25%/Speed +17%
Sprint-Out time: +10%
Ravager Elite Explosion Damage: 150-30
Explosion Radius: 300
Fire Rate: 400 RPM
Screamin' Elite Fire Rate: 1200 RPM Explosion Damage: 100-15
Sprint-Out time +20%
Royalty Elite (Same advantages/disadvantages as Ravager)
Feint Permanent (Unlocked at 300 kills) Sprint-Out time -20% Idle Amount: +37.5%/Speed +33%

Exo Survival[]

The NA-45 is available in Exo Survival mode upon reaching round 13. Self-inflicted exploding rounds don't do any damage to the player, unlike in multiplayer.


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Call of Duty: Mobile[]

"Semi-automatic two round fire system. Primer (first round) explodes when the Catalyst (second round) hits nearby."
— In-game description

The NA-45 returns in Call of Duty: Mobile. It was added as part of the Season 11 Anniversary Update.


Like in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, it uses explosive rounds: the Primer round (first shot) acts as a tracker, while the Catalyst round (second round) acts as a detonator. An explosion will occur when the Catalyst round lands near the Primer round, causing it to detonate. The gun has only two shots per mag, but it also features the fastest fire rate of all sniper rifles in the game. Note that the projectiles cannot penetrate any surfaces, and will stick onto whatever it was fired at, including players. Unlike its Advanced Warfare counterpart, if the two rounds were fired at different surfaces, an explosion will occur, even through walls, as long as the Catalyst is close enough to the Primer. In addition to Catalyst rounds, Primers can be detonated by thermal/explosive damage by the player or enemies, and by the EMP Grenade. The High Explosive Ammo Attachment will increase explosive damage by 10%, from 55-132 damage.

Battle Royale[]

The NA-45 is currently unavailable for looting in Battle Royale, though it can be chosen as a customized Airdrop weapon.




  • MIP Custom Light
  • RTC Modified
  • OWC Tac Long









  • Insignia
  • Munitions
  • Frozen Sun
  • Sea Deity
  • Athletic Soul
  • Neon Oni
  • Illumination


  • Lycanthrope
  • Lycanthrope Prestige



Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare[]

  • In the Virtual Firing Range, the explosion will count as an individual hit. This improves the overall accuracy statistic on the monitor and allows players to get over 100% accuracy in some instances.
  • Its HUD icon and killfeed icon does not display the scope of the weapon.
  • The Speed Reload animation for the NA-45 is the same as the animation for reloading only one bullet.

Call of Duty: Mobile[]

  • Unlike Advanced Warfare counterpart, NA-45 model has only 1 barrel and 1 trigger instead of 2, indicating that it is depicted as a semi-automatic weapon instead of a double barrel gun, like the Olympia and much later, the 725.
  • The Primer round will light up and show a yellow circle around it for a short time when fired. It will only disappear when the Catalyst round was fired. The Catalyst round will cause damage to anything within the yellow circle upon detonation, and the nearer the object (or enemies) to the center of the circle, the more damage they will take.
  • In Undead Siege, if the player has the level 10 version of the weapon damage talent (which grants the "Sustained Firepower" perk for an increase in magazine size), the 2 extra shots will not have the Primer or Catalyst effect.