For a similar looking weapon, see XPR-50.
"Semi-automatic two round fire system. Primer (first round) explodes when the Catalyst (second round) hits nearby."
— In-game description

The NA-45 is a sniper rifle featured in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

This is the first weapon that is not a special, that uses "exploding" rounds, the first shot acts as a tracker, and when you shoot the second one nearby, they explode. The explosion, combine with the waist up one hit kill ratio, means this sniper is very powerful. Note that this "tracking and exploding" sequence of shots will not work if the shots are fired too far apart, in which case they act as regular sniper rounds, being a one hit kill to the head, neck, chest, arms, stomach, waist, and hands. However, there are only two shots per mag, meaning if you count the explosion and tracker round as one round in a technicality, you reload after every shot. There is a moderately high amount of sway, so ballistics are highly recommended.

The NA-45 has the options to attach the Thermal, ACOG, and Variable scopes. Thermal highlights enemies heat signatures, allowing for easier target acquiring, considering the lack of a high capacity magazine, and how powerful it is if you connect its two shots, this can be a very useful attachment, as can the variable scope for those who want a sight meant for all-around good ranges.

Iron sights removes the scope and gives you basic sights, these sway as well and are good for players who want to be in close quarters fighting.The Iron Sights can dominate in close quarters against anything save a shotgun user if you are accurate. The ACOG has more zoom than the Iron Sights, making the NA-45 a more viable medium range weapon.


Supply Drop Variants

  • Screamin' [Elite] (Fire Rate +3, Damage -1, Handling -2)
  • Ravager (Damage +3, Fire Rate -3)
  • Hurried (Fire Rate +2, Accuracy -1, Handling -1)
  • HE (Damage +1, Accuracy -1)
  • M (Fire Rate +1, Accuracy -1)
  • Sharpshooter [Enlisted] (Handling -1, Mobility +1)
  • Exact


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