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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode

The NAV table is a buildable appearing in TranZit, Die Rise and Buried as a part of the Easter eggs Tower of Babble, High Maintenance, and Mined Games, as well as Buried's endgame. As such, its parts only spawn in the "Original" difficulty. Each player participating in the easter egg has to be in a match where the table is built. Once it has been built, it is saved onto the players' profile, and is automatically built in new matches as long as all of the players have previously built the table.

It is composed of four parts: a meteorite, a radio, a wooden plank, and an electrical box, and is built near each polarization tower.

  • In TranZitthe NAV table is built under the Pylon between Farm and Power Plant.
    • Meteorite: In the hole in the wall at Bus Depot, next to Mystery Box spawn.
    • Wooden plank: In the Tunnel between Bus Depot and Diner OR in the Power Station on a platform beneath the Buildable Bench by Tombstone.
    • Radio: In the garage by Diner (in the room with the car) on top of a shelf. It must be picked up while jumping. It can also be found in the Prototype.
    • Electric Box: In Town between the dumpster and Mystery Box spawn, OR in Farm, inside the house next to Fridge, OR behind the Bus Depot.
  • In Die Rise, it is built on the roof, in a corner under the broken catwalk leading to the other building. The parts are located at different locations on the roof.
  • In Buried, it is built in the room underneath the spawn, in a corner. It can only be access via teleporting through the broken fountain in the maze.
    • Meteorite: Next to the NAV Table buildable area.
    • Wooden Plank, Radio, and Electric Box: Behind the stables, accessed by either buying the door within the building, OR smashing the debris by the B23R with Arthur.

The NAV table also accepts specific Navcards found in different maps once built. The order is as follows:

  • TranZit Navcard goes to the Die Rise NAV Table
  • Die Rise Navcard goes to the Buried NAV Table
  • Buried Navcard goes to the TranZit NAV Table

Once a card is inserted correctly, and if the map's side quest has been completed, their respective icon will flash on the world map with lightning emitting from the icon. All Navcards must be inserted in order to achieve the ending(s) for the side quests in Buried.




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