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For the grenade version, see NX-1 Grenade.

"The Disruptor was designed to neutralize the Ancestors' telekinetic fields."
"Godfather" Castle, when the player picks up the Schematics for the NX-1 Disruptor.

The NX-1 Disruptor is a weapon in Exodus for the Nemesis DLC in Call of Duty: Ghosts.


It is a schematic weapon that can be found after getting through the first section of the map. After finding the appropriate crafting items from the toolboxes, it can be crafted and be obtained as a free third weapon, much like the Venom-X series of weapons from previous titles. It comes with 10 rounds, but no reserve ammunition. This is because it recharges one round every few seconds, so players practically have unlimited ammo with this weapon. However, one should be mindful about spamming it, as shooting it to the point where it's dry of ammunition can hard press a player waiting for it to recharge.

Pulling the right trigger fires one Disruptor shot, and these shots are so powerful it can take out a Rhino in about four shots, whilst killing Scouts, Seekers, Hunters, Scorpions, Bombers, and the Leper in one well-aimed shot. These shots do take time to hit their target, so it is ill advised to attempt to shoot aliens from afar, as the Cryptids will dodge the shots. Pulling and holding the left trigger will charge a very powerful, slow-moving Disruptor round which upon making contact with a Cryptid the ball of energy will disperse, killing weaker Cryptids, and damaging tougher cryptids. It will also disable the Ancestors' shields, making them vulnerable to other conventional means of firepower, and this can be used even if the Limited Ammo relic is active.

Due to its utility against the Ancestors and great power overall, it is a staple weapon in Exodus for getting past the Ancestors, and later on as an emergency weapon capable of plowing through the weaker aliens, and helping to bring down the stronger aliens.

Due to the immense power of the Disruptor round against the Ancestor, it is important not to have multiple people fire Disruptor rounds against the shield at the same time, as it will waste an otherwise valuable shot against it. Using the Disruptor rounds correctly will significantly aid the team in getting hits on the Ancestor. It also helps towards the challenge involving doing 5000 points of damage towards the second ancestor.

A fully upgraded Weapon Specialist class allows the user to quickly pull out the weapon itself allowing tougher enemies such as a Rhino to be taken out quickly if ammo if expended and there's no time to reload.


  • Cortex Substrate
  • Cortex Housing
  • Liquid Battery


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