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"Press L2 to perform an extended range swing."
— Description

The Nachtmahr (also referred to as the Smuggler's Bat) is one of the three special melee weapons featured in the Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies map The Shadowed Throne. It is a black and golden baseball bat with red crystals.


In order to obtain the Nachtmahr, the player must first contact an unnamed smuggler through the radio in the map by using the frequencies written on a picture, which can be revealed by shooting the beam of the Wunderbuss into a cash register in the Wunderbuss' workshop. After contacting the smuggler, the player must open the gas pipe over in the alley behind the Cabaret. The smuggler will ask for a weapon from the player. The player must give the smuggler a weapon until he accepts it. To determine what type of weapon the player must give, the player must identify the type of bullet casings on the right side of the Wunderbuss' crafting station. For example, if the casings belong to a shotgun such as the Sawed-off Shotgun, the player must donate a shotgun to the smuggler.

The player must now wait two full rounds so the smuggler can work his way over towards Main Street through the sewers. The player must open another gas pipe with an explosive, where the smuggler will ask for some Jolts in order to bypass a door. After the player donates enough Jolts, the smuggler will tell the players to meet him at his apartment, telling the players to knock three times. Depending on if the player gave the smuggler an upgraded weapon earlier, the smuggler will be successful in killing a surprise Wüstling within his apartment. If not, the smuggler will die and the players will be forced to kill the Wüstling. Regardless, once the player opens the smuggler's apartment within the Wunderbuss' workshop, the player can pick up the Nachtmahr from the ground within the room.

As part of the map's easter egg, the player can bring the Nachtmahr and the other two melee weapons to the Church and insert them into a slot designed to fit the weapons. Filling all three melee weapons will the energies of Pests, Gekochts, and normal zombies will open up the doorway to Barbarossa's Refuge.

The Nachtmahr is essentially an upgraded version of the map's Baseball Bat. Unlike the Baseball Bat, if the player presses the "aim down sights" button while holding the Nachtmahr, the bat will send out a ball of energy in a straight line.


  • "Nachtmahr" is German for "Nightmare".
  • The Nachtmahr is misplaced within its mold at the Church.

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