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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: WWII The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies

"This was built to break skulls."
Marie Fischer on picking up the Nachtmahr

The Nachtmahr (referred to as the Smuggler's Bat by the Notebook) is one of the three special melee weapons featured in the Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies map The Shadowed Throne. It is a worn down golden metal baseball bat with three black bands around the barrel. Four Iron Crosses are places symmetrically around the bands with spikes protruding from it. These spikes pulsate with Geistkraft energy.


The Nachtmahr has the same attacking moves of the Baseball Bat but is both more powerful and the ranged swing launching a ball of Geistkraft energy in an arc.


In order to obtain the Nachtmahr, the Smuggler himself needs to be contacted via the same short wave radio that was used to contact the Red Army in the Main Street. The frequency to contact him is on a photograph hidden within a cash register in his workshop, which can be opened by the primary fire of the Wunderbuss. The Smuggler will respond and note that he is trapped in the underground tunnels below and requires some help.

Next to locate where the Smuggler is, the player must locate a gas maintenance cover behind the Cabaret. Hitting the cover will open it and will reveal that the Smuggler is trapped in a room down there with the Untoten just outside and while he has ammo, he lacks the correct weapon to use it with. To figure out what weapon that the Smuggler requires is primarily guess work with a hint being located on the Wunderbuss workbench in the form of casings. With smaller calibre casings meaning he requires a Submachine Gun or Handgun class weapon from the Weapon Lockers, larger calibres meaning a Rifle, Light Machine Gun or Sniper Rifle required or shotgun casings requiring a Shotgun. Interacting with the cover will give the currently equipped weapon to the Smuggler which he will respond that he doesn't have the required ammunition for the weapon given or thanking the player for getting the correct weapon and that he will continue on. Either response means that the player will lose the weapon regardless of what was given, however a correct weapon that has been upgraded by the Ubersprengen will influence the ending of the quest.

After two rounds have been completed, the Smuggler has became trapped once again. This time he can be contacted via the gas maintenance cover in front of the Cabaret. Hitting the cover will once again open it to which the Smuggler will reveal that while he took care of the Untoten, there is now something blocking his path that he's unable to pass. He requires Jolts to unlock a pathway and as such, dropping Jolts near or onto the cover will drain them down to him with enough opening the path for him. To which he thanks the player once more and states that he is nearing his apartment and to meet him there, using three knocks to signify that it is them.

Head back to the workshop and melee attack the door will reveal the fate of the Smuggler, with either still giving the Nachtmahr. If he was given an upgraded weapon from the Ubersprengen, the Nachtmahr will be lodged in a Wüstlings head and the Smuggler nowhere in sight. However if he was given a standard weapon, said Wüstling will be in-front of the now opened door with the Smuggler dead in the corner, clutching the Nachtmahr. Either way, the Nachtmahr can be picked up from here.


  • "Nachtmahr" is German for "Nightmare".
  • The Nachtmahr is misplaced within its mold at the Church.