"Affirmative, I got 'em. Kilo 1, this is Big Eye 6, I have you on the TRP."
— Neitsch to Kilo 1

Major Thomas Neitsch is a character that appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops. He is the RSO that controls the high tech surveillance/camera equipment on the SR-71 Blackbird in the mission "WMD". Major Neitsch is one of the five playable characters in Call of Duty: Black Ops.



  • Players that pre-ordered Call of Duty: Black Ops from GameStop or GAME received his flight-suit for their Xbox LIVE avatar or PlayStation Home. The outfit was made available for purchase by everybody after the game's release.
  • Neitsch's name was originally Thomas, but Treyarch changed the name to honor a dedicated fan of the Call of Duty series , Jonathan Neitsch, who died of cancer a short time before his 17th birthday.[1]


"WMD" - Mission Start

"WMD" - Mission Start


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