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New Swabia
Deception Island WWII
Flag of Nazi Germany (1933-1945)
Flag of New Swabia.
Games Call of Duty: WWII
Found In The Tortured Path
  • Beneath the Ice

Altar of Blood
The Frozen Dawn

City Thule
Country Nazi Germany
Continent Antarctica
Occupants Zombies
Corpse Eater
Leaders Adolf Hitler
The Ancient Evil
"The Nazi territory of Neuschwabenland hides an ancient secret, a horror buried in frost for millennia."
— Description of Beneath the Ice.

New Swabia (German: Neuschwabenland) is an area of Antarctica claimed by Nazi Germany. New Swabia is the location of three Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies maps, including the third chapter of The Tortured Path "Beneath the Ice", its survival version, Altar of Blood and the final map The Frozen Dawn.