The Player wakes up in a surgical room under a bright light.

Player: Where am I?

Taylor: It's Okay. Calm down. Just Relax.

The light flashes as a shadowed figure appears over the player.

Taylor: You're going to be fine...

Scene of a G.I. robot plays as Taylor starts monologuing.

Taylor: We outsmarted them... Achieved our objectives - Man's always gonna be better than machine.

A flashback of the player getting knocked down by an explosion then transitions into them being wheeled through surgery. Taylor's Team is shown fighting in battle then beginning to move forward as Taylor runs up to reach out to the player.

Taylor: Unfortunately... you sustained life threatening injuries.

Scenes of VTOL's play.

Taylor: You're stable, but you've got a long way to go.

The Player is seen having a DNI installed.

Player: Who are you?

Taylor's Team is scene again standing in front of a fire.

Taylor: It's me - Taylor. I think it's time you woke up.

The camera pans in on Taylor's Team then Taylor.


Encryption# 48-65-27-73. Protocol: Romeo

Solider# 25954 will need to adjust to their New World

The Zurich facility is the best in the world in these cases

Date: 06:00Hrs Oct 29th 2065

Train Computer System: Downtown Zurich. Final Stop.

The Player suddenly gasp as He/She awakens on a passenger train heading through a city

Taylor: Hey - You still with us?

Taylor is seen sitting across from the Player.

Taylor: Welcome back.

Player: Taylor?

Taylor: Yeah. Do you know what's happening to you?

The Player examines their hands finding they have been replaced with cybernetic appendages. They look around frantically.

Player: Am I dreaming?

Taylor: Well... Let's say you are. Why not just go with it, right? After all, you can always wake up.

Taylor stands up and begins pacing around the train cart.

Taylor: December 12th, 2054 7:30 AM. We're on board a private commuter train headed to the Zurich headquarters of the Coalescence Corporation.

Taylor checks his watch.

Taylor: Our, uh cargo... Prototype for the Winslow Accord Neural Network Initiative. At it's core, specialized AI software that's capable of... rewriting itself... in order to interface with any other system in the world. State of the art stuff, back in the day. It'd go on to revolutionize a broad range of military and civilian applications... At least it would have... if the train had reached it's destination.

The train is flung off the tracks as an explosion ruptures it. People and items are flung across the cabin. Suddenly time stops and the scene freezes. Taylor appears in front of the player standing within the scenario.

Taylor: At 7:31 AM, a terrorist group detonated an explosive device on board this train. The incident set back our robotics program... several years. You're here to stop it.

Player: This isn't real - it can't be. What is happening to me?

Taylor: Right now...? Right now you're in a medically induced coma being prepped for surgery. You've got a new bit of hardware inside your head. It's called a Direct Neural Interface, or DNI. I've got one, too - that's how I'm able to communicate with you. Your DNI is what connect you mind with you body and the larger world around you. We're connected. All this... is a simulation inside our minds... and you've got a long way to go.

The scene cuts to a snow faded transition. The player is then cast into clearing outside of a factory. ZSF soldiers are seen taking defensive positions behind some Technicals.

Abandoned Steel Mill

11:30 | Dec 11, 2054

A technical truck pulls up outside the factory, several ZSF soldiers staring getting out. The truck is then suddenly hit by an explosive projectile.

ZSF Solider: RPG!

Time then stops and the scene freezes with the truck and several soldiers being cast in mid air. Taylor appears again.

Taylor: 11:30 AM, December 11th, 2054. Zurich Security Forces receive an anonymous tip giving them the location of a hideout the terrorist are using. Unfortunately, the ZSF underestimated the firepower these assholes were packing. They got caught with their pants down and they took it hard. Outcome? Train go boom. You remember Diaz?

Player: I... think so.

Taylor: He's gonna help get you up to speed on some of the new cool new shit you can do.

Diaz appears and shakes hands with the Player then offers a fist bump to which the Player hesitates.

Diaz: Communication, brother. We all gotta be in sync.

Diaz speaks into his comms giving his voice an echo.

Diaz: Yo! Taylor! You're a fucking d*ck!

Diaz gestures and speaks to the player.

Diaz: He didn't hear shit. If I want tot talk to you, the DNI transmits on a closed channel. I don't even have to think about it.

Diaz wearily examines his surroundings.

Diaz: But just so you know... If you ever think about calling Taylor a dick for real... Brother, he's gonna mess you up worse than those robots.

Diaz gives the Player a pat and grasp his weapon.

Diaz: Alright. Let's go see if you can do this without ending up as Swiss cheese like those poor bastards.

Time unfreezes and the suspended ZSF fall to the ground. A firefight breaks out.

Diaz: Okay - Weapons hot - wipe the floor with these assholes.

The two fight the terrorist alongside ZSF forces. The player can head two directions at this part.

Player: Flanking left (If the player heads left).

Player: Flanking Right (If the Player heads right).

Diaz: There's never just one route. High, low, left, right, different paths yield different advantages.

The Player proceeds up their respective path.

Diaz: Your DNI can provide combat critical info to help you better read the battlefield. Switch it to Tactical Mode.

Diaz: Like opening your eyes for the first time, right? (If the player switches to tactical mode.)

The Player eliminates the remaining the terrorist then proceeds forward. Diaz appears in front of them.

Diaz: Alright! Use your enhanced mobility - It may take a little getting used to, but your confidence will soon grow. Try it for yourself - I've got a hundred ways you can do it.

The Player proceeds.

Diaz: Not bad, noobie, not bad.

Diaz: Tac-mode will highlight inbound threats such as rockets and grenades. You see flashing red? Move!

Diaz: See the red and yellow markers? They represent killzones - not somewhere you want to be.

Diaz: Reinforcements at the truck!

Diaz: Tac-mode info is synced across the team - One of us sees something, we all see it. Even through cover.

Diaz: Keep moving up!

The Player arrives to an area full of Ammo Boxes

Diaz: Check your ammo. Grave more if you need.

The Player arrives to a room with a bunch of drones.

Diaz: DNI doesn't just help us communicate with each other - it allows us to interact with a variety of computer systems - including pretty much all of the basic drone units.

Diaz: Now bipeds, sophisticated ground units; those are a lot trickier, brother. Those son of a b*tches got a damn hive mind. You try to process and control all that? Pah. Your brain is toast.

Diaz: But these? These f*ckers are easy.

Diaz grabs a drone and throws it to the air as it hovers above ground.

Diaz: Go ahead, hack in. Go see what's on the other side of this wall.

The player hacks one of the drones of his choice.

Diaz: Fits like a glove, right? Now somewhere through there is a generator. Take it out and that door should open.

The player progresses through the door using the drone.

Diaz: Wanna see something cool? Shoot down these vats.

Diaz: Haha! You're a Maniac! Joking asides, remember your environment. It can help you move, but it can also help you kill. (If the player shoots the vats)

The player progresses using the drone and arrives to the generator

Diaz: There she is. Blow the generator so we can get inside.

The player destroy the generator, which creates an EMP blast that destroys the drone.

Diaz: I'm afraid that EMP blast from (the) generator has fried your drone.

Diaz: C'mon, lets go!

The player progresses and sees an ammo crate.

Diaz: Grab ammo whenever you see an ammo crate. Last thing you want is to be in a fight with no bullets.

The player progresses through the level and sees enemies.

Diaz: Suppressors! Second level!

Diaz: If you want to get creative, use remote hijack on those turrets.

Diaz: Nice going - Now turn it back on them and tear 'em up! (If the player hijack a turret.)

Diaz: Dumbasses thought their turrets would protect them! (After the turret is destroyed, if the player hijack a turret)

Diaz: Your use environment! Shoot down those Vats!

Diaz: Your cyber-abilities don't come for free - Takes a little time to recharge. Keep an eye on your HUD.

The player progresses through the level.

Diaz: The Faction's Hideout is just ahead. Once inside, interface with their central console, pull any data you can.

The player enters the room as robots get loose from their holding device, and flashbacks from Ethiopia of the robot ripping off the player's arm is seen.

Diaz: It's okay. It's okay. Just take a second.

Diaz: Take a deep breath and tell me what happened.

Player: I was back in Ethiopia. The grunts - I live it all over again.

Player: What's happening to me?

Diaz: Shit... You know how your senses can trigger vivid memories? Make you think of sounds, sights, words from songs. Makes you think of stuff you haven't thought of in years.

Diaz: The DNI can make that a lot more visceral - little glitches in your optics, little whispers in your ear... This sh*t happens.

Diaz: The doctor can straighten it out. We just need to re-calibrate your meds. Trust me. You'll gonna be fine.

The player sees flashes of Taylor trying to reach out forwards as two doctors hold him back.

Player: So what now?

Diaz: Well right now - You're going to interface with that console. As soon as you plug in you'll be able to extract and process the information with a heart beat.

The player interfaces with the console.

Player: Got it.

Player: They had a man on the inside - at Coalescence.

A picture of Xavier Hirtzel shows up on screen.

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