Newton's Cookbook is an interactive section of the main menu in the Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies mode. It allows the player to convert Gobblegums using Distills, which is provided for free (30 Distills every 24 hours) and can be bought with CP (CoD Points) and Liquid Divinium together.

Each recipe would require at least one other type of Gobblegum to convert, with ten Distills each conversion, and three types Gobblegums maximum. The current quantity of Gobblegums the player has is shown, as well as how many of that type of Gobblegum has to be used to convert.

Note that only three recipes for three types of Gobblegums for a certain time limit. They will change after the time limit ends.

Acquring DistillsEdit

30 Distills can be acquired every 24 Hours for Free.
- 200 CP or 3 Liquid Divinium for 30 Distills
- 400 CP or 6 Liquid Divinium for 60 Distills
- 600 CP or 9 Liquid Divinium for 90 Distills

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