For the mission, see No Man's Land (Ghosts).
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No Man's Land is the colloquial name for the stretch of land that used to be the American Southwest. On July 10th 2017, the Federation managed to hijack the ODIN Space Station and attempted to use its payload to devastate the United States. Though two astronauts on board the station managed to prevent the majority of the station's payload from being used, enough kinetic rods were fired to be able to completely destroy the American Southwest, as well as kill 27 million civilians. This marked the start of the Federation War, when Federation forces invaded America while taking advantage of the shock of the attack. Over the next ten years the American military was able to drive the Federation back, leaving No Man's Land in the wake of the fighting. 

No Man's Land was mined in addition to being abandoned, and separated from American territory by the Liberty Wall. Areas where major cities used to be are now filled with massive craters, and earthquakes are apparently common. Structures decay amid the ruins, unused and forgotten. Despite the devastation both the United States and the Federation maintain military operations there, with the United States Ghosts launching reconnaisance and harassment missions and the Federation scouting the ruins for anything useful to help them gain the advantage over the United States. One notable Federation outpost was Firebase Charlie, a large forward operating base established in Petco Park in the ruins of San Diego, California.

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