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  • One image shows one of Makarov's men holding a Daewoo K2 assault rifle.
  • There is a typo in the newspaper saying the year, 2007 with 3 zeros.


IW No Russian Elevator

"IW" etched in the elevator's button pad

  • If the player dies early enough to restart at the elevator, Allen will briefly hold his M240 with one hand up in the air and put it down again.[citation needed]
  • An animation inside the elevator can't be seen because of the mission's title screen. In this animation, Makarov grabs Kiril by his throat and pushes him against the side of the elevator before saying "S nami bog" which translates to "God is with us" in English. This animation can be seen in "Museum".
  • While the screen is black, it is possible to move forward. If the player does so, they can get out of the elevator doors before the other terrorists and see that all of the civilians are standing still.[citation needed]
  • If the player looks closely at where all of the buttons are inside the elevator, they will see "IW" engraved around the lower left side of the buttons.
  • Allen, unlike the others, doesn't use gloves.
  • The floor counter light uses the "2" from the Modern Warfare 2 logo.

Gift Shops and Food CourtEdit

  • There is a Burger Town in the airport as well as a Nate's.
  • In the book store, multiple Shakespeare plays can be found such as Hamlet, A Midsummer Night's Dream and The Winter's Tale as well as Conan Doyle's The Sign of Four. Multiple tourism books are also found. 

Departure gateEdit

  • If the player shoots the backpacks and suitcases laying on the ground, the clothes and bottles will pop out.
  • On the Departures board, there is a flight numbered 1337.
  • Oddly, the Departures board features a delayed flight to Moscow, the city which this level takes place.
  • When walking down the escalator, a Little Bird carrying the FSB can be seen flying past the window. It is possible to destroy the helicopter while it flies past.
  • Makarov never reloads until he says "Check your weapons and ammo." at the departure gate.
  • While at the departure gate, if the player looks up, they can see the large paper aeroplanes seemingly floating in the air around the far right edge of the area.
  • If the player kills the security guards before they enter the lift, Makarov will not destroy it and it can be used.
  • When Viktor fires down at the departure gate, if the player is fast enough, they will see that instead of the fleeing civilians, the groups of civilians spawn and die at the same moment.
  • Ahead of the escalators, there is a bar called "Lenin".
  • If the player returns to the lifts after approaching the airfield, both will have no collision and the player will fall through the floor and die.


  • Only certain guards drop usable M9s. The other guards may have a sidearm that the player is not able to pick up.
  • While exiting the terminal, the Mi-8 helicopter can be shot down with an M203 Launcher.
  • The jet engines exploded after taking fire.
  • The player can kill Kiril and Lev during the shootout without any repercussions.


  • If the player uses noclip just before they get shot by Makarov, the player can see a seventh terrorist in the driver's seat. Upon closer inspection, one will notice that his name is actually a random Task Force 141 callsign.
  • When the ambulance drives off, it will go right through the approaching police car.
Screenshot (11960)

The seventh terrorist driving the ambulance. Notice the Task Force 141 name randomised preset


  • One of the newspaper clippings in Makarov's safe house says that the Russian government accepted that Makarov carried the attack out, but said that the U.S. armed and supplied Makarov. Thus, the major point in the whole incident is not whether Makarov has been involved in the attack, but whether the U.S. had been supporting it.
  • A total of 243 people were killed during the Zakhaev International Airport massacre.

Teaser TrailerEdit

  • When Makarov and his men come off the elevator, three pictures of perks can be seen in the top right corner. They are Stopping Power, Lightweight and Commando.
  • There is a man with a white shirt and body armor and a G3.
  • A civilian wears a Task Force 141 uniform.

IW ReferencesEdit

  • Out of the several stores on the top floor, there is an alcohol store filled with whiskey. If the player goes to the front counter of this store, there will be two game cases with Cpt. Price on the front cover and the same back cover as the real-life Call of Duty 4 case.
  • In the same store mentioned above, there is a poster advertising whiskey. The catchphrase for the whiskey is "It goes down deep and hard," A reference to the last level in Call of Duty 4.
  • This level has the most teddy bears of all of the levels. Two are found near the wounded or dead Russians and several are located throughout the shop near the elevators. The large, medium and small teddy bears are everywhere. Also, there is a small teddy bear on the left side of the shop where the small ones can be shot to pieces. On the very far left down shelf, there is a teddy bear that is a dark brown. That is the only different color in the entire game, although when shot, the color will change and disappear.


Attack plans

Plans for the airport assault, as seen in the campaign mission Loose Ends

  • In the game's internal files, there are unused audio clips. In this clip, Makarov can be heard saying: "You served me well this far. Don't give me a reason to doubt you.", "Well done. I knew that you wouldn't let me down." and "Open fire! That's an order!"
  • The player can make the soda cans pop out of the vending machines by pressing the "use" button on them.
  • According to "_introscreen.gsc", it was supposed to take place in Terminal 3, Domodedovo Int'l Airport Moscow, Russia, but it was changed to Zakhaev International Airport probably to avoid causing more controversy by using a real location.
Space Invader Easter Egg No Russian MW2

The Space Invader seen by noclipping below the elevator

  • A Space Invader can be seen by no clipping under the elevator.
  • Some international versions of the game had higher censorship as instead of having just a graphical content notice that allows the players to skip the mission before the mission starts.
    • This level is not available in the Russian version of the game.
    • Killing the civilians in the German and the Japanese versions would result in failing the mission.
  • Throwing a flashbang at the civilians will result in them stopping and putting their hands up in the air.[citation needed]
  • In the Japanese version of the original game, Makarov's famous phrase "Remember, no Russian." is mistakenly translated as "Kill them all, they are Russians." This error was fixed in the Remastered version.
  • By trying to use invincibility cheat and shooting Makarov or his group, you can find out that:
    • Makarov is invincible, but his group is not.
    • You can kill only one person from Mararov's group; If you'll kill another, then the game will forcibly kill you no matter what.
    • After ~20 seconds, the game will forcibly kill the player no matter what.


  • There are several changes in the remastered version of the level:
    • Makarov grabs Viktor instead of Kiril at the start of the mission.
    • In the original game, Lev held his M240 in a similar way like the others at the start. In the remastered, he carries his M240 on his shoulder.
    • The security guards at the start of the level will attempt to shoot at the squad, before being gunned down.
    • In the original game, Makarov and his squad walk through the corpses, now they will walk around them.
    • There is now a PA system inside the terminal building.
    • Makarov kills some people and destroyed the restaurant entrance using a Thumper in the original game. In the remastered, he uses the M203 on his M4A1.
    • In the original game, Makarov will shoot Allen regardless whether they get on the ambulance or not. In the remastered version, Makarov will not shoot Allen until the player gets on the ambulance.
    • After Makarov kills Allen, Makarov's name will become red.
    • In the original game, the FSB agent that found Allen's body will only briefly check Allen's body. In the remastered, the FSB agent will kick away the gun and check for vitals before moving on.
    • Once the squad has reached the elevator, the player can go back and find Yuri crawling towards the squad with a pistol before eventually falling down.
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