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"ANA forces are scattered and disorganized. Render whatever assistance you can to secure passage to the objective. Local operative will advise as situation develops."
— Description

Non Parlez (French for No, Talk) is the eighth campaign mission in Call of Duty: Strike Team.

Pre-Mission Transcript[]

Dubois: Tangos in the street. Take cover!

Covering fire! Move now! Go, go, go!

Onslaught: Moving.

A desert-camoed tank rolls into view as Onslaught 1 pulls back a board.

Dubois: That is one of ours.

Your target has entrenched himself in the fort. There is much blood between here and there.

RPG! Get to cover!

The RPG takes out the tank.

If we are to have a chance at your man, we must join the main assault.

Onslaught: Okay, Dubois. What do you need from us?

Dubois: My men can advance on the enemy's position. But we need cover fire.

Onslaught: Covering fire we can provide.