Captain Norman Delaney was a commissioned officer who fought in World War II and commanded Fox Company, as seen in Call of Duty 2: Big Red One.


A Chicago native, Delaney came from a military family with his dad as a decorated World War I officer. After high school, Norman Delaney took his father's encouraging words and applied for West Point Academy. He excelled there and graduated as a Lieutenant, and quickly became obsessed with military tactics.[1]

It is possible that he is first heard in "Tankers", when he is yelling at a tanker for letting Roland Roger ride in a tank. He is then mentioned in "Counterattack", after Sgt. Hawkins and his men escape a German tank chasing them and enemy infantry, and escape in the half-track, Sgt. Hawkins says he has to report the mess to Delaney. He was first seen in the level "Operation Husky" as a Lieutenant, managing a makeshift aid station during the Battle of Gela. He is also shown briefly in "We've Been Through Worse". After Sgt. Hawkins is severely wounded during fighting in Mons, Delaney is promoted to Captain, replaces Hawkins and takes command of the player's squad in "The Last Train". He orders the squad to clear out several houses along a street, which they successfully do. After mortar fire causes a building to collapse, pinning down the squad near a plaza, he orders Roger to eliminate a mortar crew and and blow up a nearby FlaK 88, which he successfully does. The squad then continues down another street, and secures a storage shed, with a German Panzer IV tank inside. He orders Roger to use the tank to eliminate German artillery and blow up a nearby train station, which he successgully does. The tank, however, runs out of fuel, forcing the squad to proceed on foot. In "The Dragon's Teeth", he orders the squad to clear out 2 pillboxes, which they successfully do. After Bloomfield is killed by mortar fire, the squad advances to the Siegfried Line, and they successfully cross into Germany. After several trenches and bunkers are cleared out, a P-47 Thunderbolt plane is shot down, and crashes into a bridge. The squad crosses the bridge, and Delaney orders Roger to plant satchel charges on V-2 Rockets. The charges are successfully set and the rockets explode, killing all of the nearby German soldiers in the process. Allied artillery arrives shortly afterwards, and Delaney congratulates Roger for a job well done.

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