The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

Colonel Norris is a character featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Norris is a officer in the United States Marine Corps.


Verdansk Operation

Norris monitored the operation and sent a Marine Raider team, “Hitman Squad”, to assist Alex in capturing Barkov's shipment of chlorine gas at his depot before it is sent to Urzikstan. The operation ends in failure after a unknown force ambushed them and stole the gas. After the operation, Norris argues with Laswell that his marines are still out there and that they need a quick reaction force to be sent in but Laswell objects. Norris continues to argue his point, but Lt. General Lyons interrupts him and dismiss him so that she can speak with Laswell on the current situtation.

The death of "The Wolf"

After Omar "The Wolf" Sulaman is killed, Price and the others meet up with Laswell and Norris in the operations tent. Laswell congratulates the group, but informs them that Hadir and AQ are on the move. Alex does not believe that Hadir is friends with Al-Qatala, but Norris informs them that the General Lyons would tend to disagree. Norris threatens Laswell to tell the group that U.S. command has redesignated Farah's forces and has placed Farah's forces on the foreign terror organization list. Norris then states that he has ordered his Marines to treat Farah's army as hostiles. Price dislikes Norris' hostile behavior and tells Norris to "keep his moppets on a short string". Norris antagonizes Price by saying "Or what?" and Price responds by saying that he will hang him from it. Afterwards, Norris is seen leaving the tent.


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