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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode

For Samantha's original, fluffier pet, see Fluffy.
"I thought you might appreciate making a new friend. Someone who won't ask you any more questions. Someone who doesn't want anything other than to make you happy."
— Grigori Weaver

Notso Fluffy is a dog featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies. She is a rottweiler owned by Samantha Maxis, gifted to her by Grigori Weaver. She is also taken care of by Elizabeth Grey later on.


Not Exactly Fluffy

Notso was initially found and gifted to Samantha by Weaver as a present, hoping the companionship would help comfort Sam as she recovered from her rescue from Outpost 25. Throughout her recovery, she would stay under the care of Samantha. However, when the Director of Requiem ordered Samantha be brought to Block 8, Notso would fall under the care of Weaver for a brief period.


During a test underwent by Maxis and the Director, Notso was brought to Block 8, where the Director ordered a guard to aim with the intent of killing her to force Samantha into using her powers, Samantha managed to teleport Notso out of Block 8 into safety.


Immediately after Aleksandra Valentina's incursion into Berlin, Maxis was able to teleport the Requiem strike-team into her holding cell. Exhausted, Notso was present alongside Weaver to comfort her.

Under Grey's Care

After Berlin, Notso would be placed under the care of Elizabeth Grey, who would frequently take the dog for a walk. She was present when military police confronted Grey and arrested her. It is unknown in whose care Notso was placed under afterwards.



  • Her originated from a Treyarch livestream featuring Craig Houston and Maxis' voice actress, Julie Nathanson, where they briefly discussed the then-unnamed pet being "not-so-fluffy". The nickname itself is a reference to Maxis' old pet dog Fluffy.