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"The President has authorized retaliatory hits on two iranian terrorists: Qasim Javadi and Arash Kadivar."
— Mission Briefing

Nowhere Left to Run is a mission featured in the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War campaign. It is the first mission of the game.


Mission Briefing

Nowhere Left to Run

Alex Mason - CIA Operative

Amsterdam , The Netherlands

January 12 1981


On January 12, 1981, CIA Agents Alex Mason and Russell Adler meet up with the police chief, Hans, at a bar where Hans gives them an update on the location of one of the two Iranian terrorists the CIA is after related to the Iranian Hostage Crisis: Qasim Javadi. Hans is able to provide them some time to move in while turning his police force away from their position. Mason and Adler leave the bar and head into an alley where Frank Woods is waiting. After gearing up with their weapons, the team move into Javadi's hideout where he is guarded by an Iranian terrorist cell. The team open fire and clear out the room of Javadi's men before moving up to the next floor where the team chases Javadi through the rooftops and face resistance from more of Javadi's men. After catching up with Javadi by jumping over to the rooftop he's on and taking out the rest of his men, Mason interrogates him on the whereabouts of the leader of the Iranian terrorist's, Arash Kadivar. He eventually tells them Kadivar is at Trabzon Airport in Turkey for a meeting. After getting the information, Mason can either let him go, kill him or capture him.

Mason lets Javadi go but Adler will execute Javadi if Mason doesn't kill him.

Mason throws Javadi off the roof, killing him.

Mason knocks Javadi out and the team takes him into CIA custody.

18 hours later, Mason, Adler and Woods arrive at Trabzon Airport where Kadivar's hired men are, moving supplies into a cargo plane. Shortly, a car arrives and Kadivar gets out before shooting the occupants inside. After confirming his identity, the team attack the airfield, resulting in Kadivar attempting to escape in the cargo plane and an intense firefight. The team take one of the vehicles and chase after the plane while taking out Kadivar's men chasing them. Mason then uses an RC-XD provided by Adler to detonate under the plane, which crashes and takes out Kadivar's remaining men. Afterwards, the team find Kadivar and drag him out. Kadivar attempts to draw his gun out but fails when his weapon is kicked off. He then taunts the team, telling them about Perseus, a Soviet spy long believed to be dead and his plan to destabilise the West before getting executed by Adler.


Starting Loadout
Trabzon Airport Loadout
Found in level


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  • The briefing between Black and Reagan in the intro cutscene takes place on January 9th, 11 days before Reagan’s presidential inauguration.
  • The intro to the mission and the opening shot of the flame of a lighter is a nod to the mission Operation 40 in the original Call of Duty: Black Ops.
  • If the player chooses to ask Qasim about who is Arash meeting with, the player will unlock evidence for a side mission.
  • Qasim's RPD can be collected before making the jump.
  • If the player focuses their binoculars on Arash as he is exiting the car, they will be able to hear the conversation between him and “Bell”, as heard in Identity Crisis.
    • The driver will always have a randomized appearance.
  • After the failed sniper shot and before the player enters the vehicle, the player can go up to the car and shoot Bell as many times as they like and there will be no consequence.
  • The RC-XD that Mason controls does not have the jump feature.


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