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Nukehouse is a map that appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified.


It is nearly the same as Call of Duty: Black Ops's Nuketown, but everywhere after the red truck is blocked off (the green house side) leaving only the truck, the street in front of the yellow house, the yellow house, and its backyard. As well, there are cars in the street.[1]

Spawn points on Nukehouse are all very close to each other, so it isn't infrequent to see enemies a mere second or two after spawning in. In fact, the starting spawn points are a mere five second sprint apart one another, and as such, many players will attempt to gun down or guard the path leading to both spawns right at the start of the match.

Around the vehicles are two spawn points, one inside the truck and the other near the automobile. Both of these spawn points can be observed through the house's front windows and front door, making these spawn points suspect to a lot of action. This area in general is a very open area, so a Sentry Gun can be extremely effective if placed to oversee these spawn points well.

There are also three spawn points in the backyard, one behind the holes in the fencing which acts as a starting spawn point, and one on either side of this spawn point, behind a bush and a shed respectfully. All three of these spawn points can be overlooked from the house's second floor balcony, but the side spawn points can be obscured by the bush and/or the shed depending on where the soldier is looking. This area of the map is heavily obstructed by various objects, slowing down the already quick pace of action around this area.

Perhaps the least used part of the map is the back side of the house that connects the two halves of the map. This is essentially a long corridor. Players can hide behind the bush and get a good shot lined up at enemies coming from the front of the house, helping to further discourage players from taking this route, although it will typically be used.

Within the house are two spawn points that rarely get used, one on the 1st floor and one on the 2nd floor. The house's second floor often sees players camping within its confines since it cannot be flanked. Should a player wish to get to the bedroom, they must always progress through the studying room before it, since there is no way to climb through the window to get inside the house unlike on Nuketown. The first floor acts as a common gateway to other spawns thanks to the cover it can provide from Mortar Teams and Attack Helicopters.




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