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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode

This is a list of quotes for Nuketown Zombies.

Marlton Johnson

"No! My electronics are ruined!"
— Upon knifing the shelter.
"This device will prove my mental superiority once and for all."
— Upon knifing the shelter.
"The cyclonic forces contained herein shall make me unstoppable!"
— Upon knifing the shelter.
"(Yawns, then groans) What an interminable waste."
— Upon knifing the shelter.
"Just because one is different is not a valid excuse to simply banish him."
— Upon knifing the shelter.
"Execute them before they overwhelm us!"
— Upon knifing the shelter.
"Grow a pair of eyes already, there are zombies on the damn roof!"
— Upon knifing the shelter.
"Visibility here is near zero, what is the point?"
— Upon knifing the shelter.
"I cannot believe this is the best route to where we were going..."
— Upon knifing the shelter.
"They ask me to leave? I was the one reporting this disgusting behavior! Makes no sense..."
— Upon knifing the shelter.
"Please respect my personal space!"
— Upon knifing the shelter.
"The air is thick with the sounds of carnivorous beasts."
— Upon knifing the shelter.
— Upon knifing the shelter.

Edward Richtofen - Television

"*Black Egg voices in the background* I know I should have invented an egg moving robot! Stupid Maxis, and his rules, and his STUPID ACCENT!"
— Upon reaching round 5
"Login: Teddy. Password: Is a liar! I'm not but that's why no one would guess it!"
— Upon reaching round 10
"*the sound of the MPD opening can be heard* Hello Samantha! You little brat! Your time is coming! *short laugh* Soon, SO SOON!"
— Upon reaching round 15
"Oh this is going to be so much fun! Finally we can confront that.. little beast. Quickly, power up the machine!"
— Upon reaching round 20
"*Soul swap audio can be heard* The power. THE POWER! I will control them all, I WILL DESTROY YOU ALL! But not before we continue the game."
— Upon reaching round 25

Demonic Announcer

"Max Ammo!"
— Upon obtaining the Max Ammo power-up.

"Double Points!"
— Upon obtaining the Double Points power-up.

— Upon obtaining the Insta-Kill power-up.

"Fire sale!"
— Upon obtaining the Fire Sale power-up before round 25.

"Time for a Fire Sale."
— Upon obtaining the Fire Sale power-up after round 25.

— Upon obtaining the Nuke power-up before round 25.

— Upon obtaining the Nuke power-up after round 25.


"Get away!"
— A CDC soldier shooting a War Machine.

"Get down!"
— A CDC soldier shooting an RPG.

"Why won't you die?!"
— A CDC soldier shooting an S12. This quote is shared with Samuel Stuhlinger.


  • A lot of Marlton's quotes in this map can also be heard in Tranzit.
  • The quotes of Richtofen from the TV that can be heard every 5 rounds come from Moon's easter egg, big bang theory.
    • While Richtofen says the same things both in Nuketown Zombies and Moon, Richtofen says them differently in Nuketown Zombies and the audio itself is different. For example, in the first quote, in Nuketown Zombies Richtofen screams at the phrase "Stupid accent", where as in Moon he does not.