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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode

There are 5 radios that can be heard at the end of certain rounds on Nuketown Zombies. All radios are being recorded by Edward Richtofen during the events of Richtofen's Grand Scheme on Moon.

Radio #1 (End of Round 2)

(Vril Sphere is heard bouncing off of walls, and then a knifing sound)

Edward Richtofen: "I know I should have invented an egg moving robot. Stupid Maxis, with his rules, and STUPID ACCENT!"

Radio #2 (Random)

(Typing sounds)

Edward Richtofen: "Login, Teddy. Password, is a liar."

(confirm sound)

Edward Richtofen: "I'm not but that's why no one would guess it!"

Radio #3 (Random)

(The M.P.D. activates and opens. Samantha Maxis rises from the M.P.D.)

Edward Richtofen: Hello Samantha, you little brat... your time is coming!... soon (laughs)... SO SOON!"

Radio #4 (Random)

(Richtofen puts the Vril Generator in front of the M.P.D.)

Edward Richtofen: "Oh this is going to be so much fun! Finally we can confront this, little beast. Quickly, power up the mach-"


Radio #5 (End of Round 24)

(The M.P.D. activates and Richtofen switches souls with Samantha)

Edward Richtofen: "The power. THE POWER! I will control them all! I WILL DESTROY YOU ALL! But not before we continue the game!"

(The zombies eyes turn blue)